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Over 60,000 brands use Refersion

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Promoting health and wellness products with brand ambassadors is getting easier.

Promoting health and wellness products with brand ambassadors is getting easier.

Whether you offer fitness coaching, nutritional supplements or other health products, working with affiliates and influencers is a scalable, cost-effective way to earn more sales. You can manage thousands of influencers and brand ambassadors with Refersion.

With Refersion, your affiliates get their dashboard.

They can see how many conversions they’re earning from their promotions. Empowering your health affiliates near real-time data on every click and conversion means they can optimize their wellness promotions faster and generate more revenue.

With Refersion, your affiliates get their dashboard.
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Performix Signs Up 1,200 Affiliates

Perfomix, a health company that offers nutritional supplements and fitness products, has grown revenue significantly by creating more than 1,000 affiliates. The company launched a branded referral network powered by Refersion. By giving affiliates their dashboard, reps can track their performance of promotions.

Scaling a Million Dollar Affiliate Program to 3,000 Ambassadors

Since launching their program with Refersion in 2016, Simply Earth has earned over $1M in ambassador revenue and registered almost 3,000 new ambassadors. As their team looks to the future, they anticipate significant growth for their ambassador program.

“Refersion has enabled us to scale our affiliate program by doing the tedious, time-consuming work for us. The Refersion team is always so helpful when implementing new things and answering any questions.”

Hannah Mason, Ambassador Marketing Manager, Simply Earth


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