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Case Study


January 27, 2022


Performix, a leader in active nutritional supplements, teamed up with Refersion and Alpha Omega Agency to create, set up, and launch a custom-branded referral network focused on fitness and supplement enthusiasts.

IndustryHealth and Wellness
New affiliate registrations1,200+
Affiliate conversions2,000+

As a brand, Performix goes far beyond their line of supplements for active individuals. The company exudes a lifestyle of drive and overachieving performance that extends from fitness to day-to-day successes. As a result, Performix had naturally developed a community of fitness gurus, brand evangelists who could spread the Performix message, culture, and marketing.

“It’s about more than just sales. Performix wanted to provide resources to build a community, create the brand, and engage and inspire ambassadors.”

Performix Digital Strategist
Chasing Peak Ambassador Performance

To increase engagement and conversions, Performix decided to create a new affiliate dashboard allowing their brand reps to manage the affiliate program effectively. They worked with Refersion to build a custom platform that integrated multiple systems into an easy-to-use, seamless affiliate experience.

In the process, Refersion incorporated offerings from crucial technology partners to deliver a robust solution focused on helping brand reps sell strategically using real-time data.

Rising to the Challenge

Performix is a company willing to take on a challenge. It’s tagline “Driven to Succeed” isn’t just a marketing slogan. It’s also the company’s mission. Like its target audience—highly active individuals—the company wants to push its limits and achieve beyond its expectations.

Performix aims to help people develop a lifestyle of drive and over-achieving performance that encompasses not only physical fitness but day-to-day success. For the company to meet its growth objectives, it would employ the same over-achieving attitude it advocates for its customers.

A Simplified Solution

Refersion’s affiliate platform, specifically its GraphQL API, which enables external developers to query and access data dynamically, allows Performix to incorporate real-time data within their internal site experience to deliver a more powerful dashboard for Performix reps using the site. Refersion also recognized that to help Performix reach its goals, it needed specific software tools and features that weren’t in the off-the-shelf offerings of its own platform. So Refersion connected with partner Alpha Omega Agency, who helps companies improve their Shopify sales experiences, to develop the custom solution.

Utilizing Refersion’s new GraphQL API, Alpha Omega Agency was able to integrate Refersion’s affiliate management and tracking platform into a custom CMS for Performix. The result offered Performix the tools and functionality to tap into its community of affiliates and empower them to achieve their goals.

“With Refersion’s GraphQL API, managing an affiliate program becomes seamless. The Performix ambassadors don’t know that they’re interacting with four different systems.”

Brian Anderson, Founder at Alpha Omega Agency
Into the Future

Since implementing Refersion and Alpha Omega Agency’s technologies, Performix has grown its number of reps by more than 1,000%, and as a group, they are now driving 20% of Performix’s ecommerce orders. With additional promotion, Performix is confident this upgraded affiliate program will grow their engagement and brand awareness.

After Performix joined forces with Refersion and Alpha Omega Agency, the company achieved:

  • 1,200+ new affiliate registrations
  • 1,000%+ increase in affiliate sign-ups
  • 2,000+ affiliate conversions

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