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Case Study

Simply Earth

March 16, 2022

simply earth

Simply Earth, a family-owned essential oils brand, is redefining the world’s perception of essential oils with affordable products and a thriving ambassador program powered by Refersion.

IndustryHealth and Personal Care
Ambassador revenue$1M
Ambassador registrations2,500+

Founded on a “simply pure promise,” essential oils company, Simply Earth, is striving to remedy the stigma surrounding costly and ineffective oils with their 100% pure products. With Refersion’s platform keeping the affiliate enrollment, management, tracking, and payment process as simple as the company’s products, Simply Earth has more than doubled their affiliate revenue in just four years. 

Redefining the Essentials

Since their inception in 2015, Simply Earth has ensured every batch of their essential oils is ethically sourced, GC/MS tested, and free of fillers, fragrances, and contaminants. When Katie Veldkamp, co-founder of Simply Earth, failed to find a chemical-free product to eliminate her foot odor, she turned to a solution of homemade essential oil blends. As Katie researched the complexities and costs of essential oils to remedy her feet, she recognized a distinct void of affordable and pure products in the oils market – and Simply Earth was born. 

Years later, Simply Earth has undeniably filled this void by offering essential oil training courses, recipe boxes, monthly subscriptions, and other creative accessories to their shoppers. By removing the middleman from the equation, Simply Earth has crafted a perfect blend between high-quality, low-cost essential oils and a simplified consumer experience. 

The team at Simply Earth wanted to replicate these natural and trustworthy ingredients in their marketing efforts, and saw the value in using an ambassador program to tout their products. However, they knew they needed a program that would be easy to manage and scale as Simply Earth continued growing their brand and product offerings. 

“Using essential oils can be confusing,” shared Hannah Mason, Ambassador Marketing Manager at Simply Earth. “We wanted an affiliate marketing platform that shared the same characteristics as our products – simple and efficient.”

A Recipe for Success

In order to carry the “simply pure promise” over into their affiliate marketing efforts, Simply Earth sought out Refersion’s streamlined platform. Simply Earth uses Refersion’s affiliate marketing platform to enroll and manage affiliates, track conversions, and process commission payments. 

Simply Earth employs Refersion’s technology throughout the full lifecycle of their ambassadors, or “Earthies” as they’re fittingly called. Beginning with enrollment through Refersion’s registration process, the Earthies receive a unique ambassador code to share with their friends, family, and followers. 

From onboarding to commission payments, Refersion manages and tracks Simply Earth’s ambassadors as they spread essential oil awareness and encourage toxin-free homes. Since partnering with Refersion in 2016, Simply Earth has grown their program to over 2,600 ambassadors and counting.

“Refersion has enabled us to scale our affiliate program by doing the tedious, time-consuming work for us. The Refersion team is always so helpful when implementing new things and answering any questions.”

Hannah Mason, Ambassador Marketing Manager at Simply Earth

The amount of time Simply Earth saves with Refersion’s automated ambassador sign-ups and payment processing gives the team more time to focus on educating their customers, ambassadors, and community – and not just about essential oils.

Simply Earth donates a percentage of their profits – 13% to be exact – to organizations fighting to end human trafficking. In doing so, Simply Earth not only engages their customers in a meaningful cause, but also adds value to the work their brand ambassadors are doing. 

The Results Speak for Themselves

Since launching their program with Refersion in 2016, Simply Earth has earned over $1M in ambassador revenue and registered almost 3,000 new ambassadors. As their team looks to the future, they anticipate significant growth for their ambassador program. “Our goal is to scale to $100K a month in ambassador revenue,” shared Hannah. 

With Refersion’s platform doing the heavy lifting of program management and reporting, Simply Earth can focus their attention on bringing in more ambassadors that embody their “simply pure promise” and spreading the love of a natural lifestyle. 

After partnering with Refersion, Simply Earth’s ambassador marketing program achieved:

  • $1M in ambassador revenue
  • 2,500+ ambassador registrations
  • 94% increase in affiliate-driven orders

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