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How to Increase Engagement with YouTube Content Creators

Last Modified: March 7, 2024

YouTubers Produce the Most Content and Engagement Online Here’s How to Work With Them

Brands have a number of different apps they can rely on when exploring influencer marketing. Whether it’s TikTok or Twitter, there are various directions that brands can go in. But the best option, above all else, is still YouTube. It’s known that YouTube video ads develop “3% higher search conversion rates and a 4% lower search cost per acquisition.” That sort of growth extends to influencer marketing, where rates are seen as even higher. How so?

One of the best things about influencers is their authenticity. Rather than using your brand to say what you want to say, you can use trusted influencers to do that work for you. They can take your place and speak directly to potential consumers. That direct engagement matters, as it makes for higher engagement rates — all readily tracked on Refersion’s affiliate marketing platform.

With internet videos expected to make up 82.5% of all web traffic in 2023, it’s understandable why 90% of marketers believe influencer marketing is essential to driving engagement and conversions.

Why YouTube above other apps?

The thing that makes YouTube such a great platform, above Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram, is that users feel like they have a much more personal connection with the influencer they follow. Videos will often be quite long, especially if it’s an influencer podcast, and people will feel as if they’re in the room with the content creator, having them as a friend of sorts. That authenticity is imperative to driving conversions.

Moreover, the site is designed for the sales funnel. With audio, video, still photos, captions, and more, influencers can easily promote a brand in numerous ways. That branding opportunity is essential to driving traffic to another site. When paired with an influencer’s authenticity, you enjoy a perfect combination.

Canon 514XL How to Properly Use YouTube Influencers

How to Properly Use YouTube Influencers

Use influencers to tell a story.

A surface-level understanding of influencer marketing would lead to the development of a campaign that only uses influencers as marketers: Before starting a YouTube video, the influencer reads an ad, shows some images, and moves on. It can work, but there’s a better way to use your influencers. One of the best ways is to use influencers to tell a story. This means allowing them to tell the story of how your brand changed their lives.

In the case of a brand like Performix, it was able to drive growth by bringing on a substantial number of affiliates, influencers, and brand ambassadors. As a performance and exercise supplement company, Performix’s story is best told by the very people using their products for physical success. The development of their ambassador network proved to work for their benefit, as they increased sign-ups by over 1000% and earned over 2000 affiliate conversions.

Partner with the right influencers, but be creative.

There are some general rules when it comes to influencer marketing, particularly that marketers believe you should stick to your lane. That means hiring influencers that match your industry. For instance, if you’re a computer GPU designer, work with computer and gamer influencers. If you’re an outdoor company focused on hiking and running, hire professional runners, backpackers, and mountain climbers to represent your brand.

But don’t allow yourself to be limited, though. Try to hire some influencers from outside of your niche. You might think you’re taking a risk, but it could truly pay off for your business. By reaching outside of your industry, you could lead non-prospective consumers to convert to your business. That increased conversion rate can really help your business out, making it easier to expand your brand reach without having to spend thousands of dollars on a lengthy campaign rollout.

Use discount codes.

This might sound like a simple approach, but it works! Don’t be afraid to offer generous discount codes and coupon links through your influencer. The easiest way to get people interested in your business is a discount. Sharing that through a relatable face is a surefire way to drive conversions to your website.

Put micro-influencers to work.

Micro-influencers accounts with 10,000 followers, can be your best bet of producing conversions. Why is that? As mentioned above, authenticity matters to consumers. You’ll also find that micro-influencers provide greater conversion rates. With smaller audiences comes higher engagement. That engagement is essential to producing conversions, as users will want to engage with the links and ads they’re being shown.

YouTube is a free platform that has a lot to offer to brands. Developing an influencer campaign is simple on the Refersion platform, whether directed toward Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. Whatever you do, make it count.

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