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Refersion + Samadhi: Nourishing the Customer Journey with Email and SMS Campaigns

Last Modified: January 31, 2023

Engaging and effective email strategies can be hard to pin down. Generating content, the timing of email delivery, and SMS tools are all important aspects of marketing. You need to partner with an agency that excels at what they do, so you can focus on what you do best: growing your business. Refersion brings you the best in partner agencies and apps that have the expertise you need to grow your business. That’s why we’re proud to announce our partnership with Samadhi Marketing.

What is Samadhi Marketing?

Samadhi Marketing uses two key principles in order to help businesses build their brands. First, they focus on top-quality email marketing that hits three crucial benchmarks: deliverability, quality, and consistency. The next principle is a vital aspect of the first: regular use of keyword-oriented, original content to complement the emails.

They’ve recently introduced SMS marketing to round out their portfolio of services. The great team at Samadhi Marketing knows that in order to make email marketing work, emails have to be delivered to your customer’s inbox and not marked as spam. You have to get your sender reputation up so that Google doesn’t automatically flag you. And that goes so much further than simply avoiding too many spammy words in your subject line.

With a verified Google 5-Star My Business rating, Samadhi Marketing has a lot of happy clients. That’s because all of these satisfied business owners saw an additional 20–37% of revenue in the first six months, all without any extra effort on their part. The Samadhi Marketing team possesses true email campaign expertise, having successfully graduated the Master Level Klaviyo Academy to become a recognized Official Klaviyo Master Partner. You can rest assured that your email and SMS marketing is in good hands with Samadhi Marketing!

Effective Emails

The best email is the one that gets not only opened but leads to a sale. Open rates help boost your sender rating, but only click-throughs that generate sales actually provide ROI for your business. That’s why providing valuable content and giving your customers a reason to open your email is even more important than the SUPER LIMITED SALE you blare from the subject line.

If you want to make the most of your email list, you need to build up not only the value of your emails, but also the content on your site. If someone isn’t interested in buying something right now, your email will be deleted unopened. But if it leads to interesting (and valuable) site content, they’ll click through out of curiosity or a need for the information you are providing. That nourishes the relationship between you and your customer so that future marketing emails will be more effective.

The Bottom Line

Samadhi Marketing is the perfect partner to use in tangent with Refersion. What better way to nourish the customer journey than through quality email and SMS marketing campaigns to augment your affiliate marketing network? Get the word out, elicit email sign-ups, and then retain customer interest through quality content, smart and relentless segmentation, and sales offers that aren’t dramatically overblown.

Visit Samadhi Marketing today for email and SMS marketing done right.

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