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Top 5 Affiliate Management Agencies We Recommend

Last Modified: February 7, 2023

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to improve your sales numbers. It’s one of the most popular ways to market because it requires no up-front investment; you only pay your affiliates when you make a sale.

However, while an in-house affiliate management service can give you more control, it also requires a lot of time and effort to run. That might not be right for every business, especially small businesses just starting their affiliate programs. An affiliate management agency may be the best way to bridge that gap.

What Is an Affiliate Management Agency?

An affiliate management agency is a “middle ground” between the client who wants to sell products and the affiliates who sell the products for them. These agencies connect clients who are looking for affiliates with people who are prepared to do the necessary work to become high-performing affiliates. This can help you speed up the process of making money from affiliate marketing, as one of the most difficult parts of the process is getting affiliates.

How Does an Affiliate Management Agency Help My Business?

Affiliate management agencies have connections. That’s the main way they’re able to benefit your company. They can help you speed up the process of creating a network of affiliates who are very high-performing and good at providing focused marketing solutions.

One of the biggest reasons for this is that affiliate agencies have hundreds of thousands of affiliates. That means no matter what niche you’re working in, it’s likely that you’ll find a variety of affiliates who work in that niche and are good at publishing content that aligns with your needs.

Affiliate agencies have also been doing this for some time; while you may have only been in this business for a few months, these agencies have been around for years. They understand the information that leads to successful affiliate work, which means they know how you can put the minimum amount of effort into your affiliate program and still get the maximum amount of reward.

Additionally, while affiliate agencies do take a commission as part of their work, they can often negotiate lower commissions with the affiliates. When combined with the fact that their knowledge makes it easier for you to do more with your affiliates, you can make significantly more money with a management agency than on your own.

Top Five Recommendations for Affiliate Management Agencies

At Refersion, we’ve partnered with five affiliate management agencies that you can use to create a better affiliate marketing program. Here are our five choices:

1. Apogee

Apogee runs your affiliate program for you from start to finish. That means they recruit amazing affiliates, provide your affiliates with education to help them send you high-quality traffic, and provide you with a detailed report, so you understand how the program is working. They use Refersion’s tools to make your program better.

Apogee is unique in that it values education. It teaches you and your affiliates how to make more high-quality content so that you both succeed more. It gives you pointers to actively improve rather than just encouraging you to rely on them 100%.

2. Goodsell

Goodsell helps you boot up an affiliate program from nothing. The experts at Goodsell already understand affiliate marketing; they just need a few conversations with you to understand your brand and vision before they can start helping you build an affiliate program through Refersion that actually reflects those elements of your company.

The most important thing that Goodsell brings to your company is the expertise that its team already has. You’re not working with an algorithm but instead with individuals who know how to reach out to new affiliates.

3. Bloom

Bloom’s tagline is “Make Your Business Bloom,” and the company wants to help you grow and manage your business from the ground up, not just in affiliate marketing. It focuses largely on digital marketing, which naturally includes affiliate marketing and a partnership with Refersion, but also helps you in a variety of other contexts.

The core selling point of Bloom is that its ability to connect you to affiliate publishers is just one component of the brand. It’s about generating growth all throughout the company.

4. Grovia by Acceleration Partners

Grovia, recently acquired by Acceleration Partners, is an incredibly beneficial way to recruit high-performing affiliates to your program. The engine at Grovia prioritizes high-purchasing partners, and you can use incredibly specific phrases to find affiliates that are absolutely perfect for your brand. Then, you can track those affiliates with Grovia’s partnership with Refersion.

Grovia is a very bare-bones affiliate marketing platform, which makes it perfect if you already have some people in your business that are ready to work the affiliate marketing program, but you’re having a hard time finding the right affiliates.

5. Power Digital Marketing

Power Digital Marketing is regularly described as being “like a mentor” by the companies that work with them. The company focuses on growing clients’ ecommerce footprint, creating a tailored strategy that works perfectly for your brand, not brands that are similar to yours. The intention is to create better reach and revenue, and it does that partially by working with Refersion.

Power Digital Marketing refers to itself as “Full-Potential Marketing,” unlocking your company’s full potential and improving your bottom line.

The Bottom Line

While not every company will benefit from an affiliate marketing agency, many companies will. If you’re looking for a great way to improve your income and get your brand name out there, then an affiliate marketing agency can kickstart your ability to handle digital marketing overall. Use these five marketing agencies that we absolutely love to find the perfect option for your business.

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