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Refersion + Zapier: Seamlessly Connecting and Automating Workflows

Last Modified: March 7, 2024

refersion & zapier

Growing a successful affiliate marketing strategy becomes far easier once you eliminate bottlenecks disrupting your workflow. These bottlenecks often involve time-consuming activities like data entry that can eat away at your productivity. Here at Refersion, we are constantly striving to solve this issue by integrating with the best apps in the industry. However, we know that each of our clients have special unique needs that require a wide array of various solutions. That’s why we’re excited about our recent integration with Zapier, touted as the easiest way to automate your work.

Zapier connects your apps so they can seamlessly work together without causing a bottleneck in your workflow. This is accomplished through the creation of Zaps that allow different apps to communicate with each other based on specific user-set triggers and actions.

With Refersion you can trigger an action on other apps when an affiliate is created. When other apps trigger an action, Refersion can create and order or create an affiliate.

Before we get any further, go ahead and  grab a free Zapier account  so we can explore the various ways you can immediately benefit from this integration.

Zapping with Refersion Templates

We’ve discussed what Zapier is capable of, but how can your brand take advantage of this integration? The good news is that we’ve created Zap templates that are preconfigured to help you get started right away. Think of them as a recipe we’ve made to help you get started.

Here’s a look at the templates we’ve already created based on the feedback we’ve received from our clients.

1. Typeform + Refersion

This template allows you to replace your  Refersion affiliate registration form  with a customized one you can create via Typeform. You can design a welcome page, a thank you page, and a multitude of questions that will help you better qualify your affiliates.

To give you an idea of what that could look like check out Pique Tea and their affiliate recruitment registration process.

First, they designed landing page which greets would-be affiliates. (As a sidenote, landing pages are a wonderful way to greet interested affiliates, inform applying affiliates of the benefits of your program, and layout any requirements that the affiliates will need to meet to be accepted in the program.) Once you click on the apply button you’ll be taken to Tea Pique’s registration form which is powered by Typeform.

Next, an affiliate will need to answer all the following questions that were created in Typeform. After an affiliate submits the form, Zapier will communicate the data to Refersion so it can be added as a new affiliate in Tea Pique’s account.

Now that you have some basic understanding of how Zapier acts as the glue between Refersion and other apps, let’s look at another popular template that’s fairly easy to set up.

2. Slack + Refersion

Slack has become the industry standard allowing teams to communicate, share files, and receive real-time notifications using the many bots existing on the platform. This template enables the ability to receive alerts in a specified Slack channel anytime a new affiliate joins your program. Perfect for teams that want to be kept up to the minute with how their affiliate recruiting campaign is performing. We actually use this templated zap here at Refersion anytime we have a new affiliate sign up to our own affiliate program.

3. Privy + Refersion

Do you use pop-ups with your brand? Have you considered using a pop up to engage with customers when trying to convert them to affiliates? This can be accomplished with our Post Purchase Channel, but you can use this Zap template if you prefer to use Privy to host your pop-ups and further extend your brand. Once you configure this template, Zapier will tell Refersion to create new affiliates that sign up through your Privy pop up. This will save you hours of unnecessary data entry having to add affiliates to your program manually.

4. Square + Refersion

Merchants that accept Square payments during a physical in-person transaction can now rest easier when tracking conversions through Refersion with this Zap template. This means your customers can take advantage of using your affiliates’ coupon codes and still be credited with the conversion.

5. Salesforce + Refersion

Brands that utilize Salesforce will be happy to know that we’ve created a Zap template that will automatically create a record when a new affiliate joins their program. Don’t use Salesforce? No problem, keep reading about how our Zapier integration works with other popular CRMs.

Other popular ways to take advantage of our integration with Zapier:

The wonderful thing about Zapier is that you’re not limited to templates when connecting different apps together. Creating your own zaps can connect Refersion to over 2,000 different apps! This provides numerous solutions for your current workflow bottlenecks.

The process is fairly simple, but it may take a little longer than simply using a pre-created template. Don’t worry, we’ve written up a support article to walk you through the basics.

Communicating and nurturing your affiliates is crucial for fostering a successful affiliate marketing strategy. Two solutions this integration brings to your organization comes in the form of creating zaps that connect Refersion to your email marketing software and customer relationship management software (CRMs).

While Refersion already supports direct integration with Klaviyo, you can use Zapier to connect to other popular email service providers. For instance, creating a zap with  Omnisend  or  Activecampaign  will allow you to automatically build a list of your affiliates as they join your program.

Are you using Hubspot to automate your marketing? If the answer is yes, then try creating a zap that will import your new affiliates to help you better manage them all in one place.

The Bottom Line

While our integration with Zapier can automate thousands of tasks, we recommend prioritizing your workflows that suffer the most from bottlenecks as a starting point. By tackling each bottleneck one at a time, you’ll keep from getting overwhelmed.

Happy zapping!

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