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Refersion + Swanky: Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Shopify Plus Store

Last Modified: January 31, 2023

If you’ve been thinking about building or improving your Shopify store, you’ve come to the right place. With Swanky, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands. We’ve partnered with Swanky because they are Shopify Plus experts who have experience developing hundreds of stores.

What is Swanky?

Swanky will help you unlock your ecommerce potential by building you a beautiful, commercially-optimized Shopify Plus store. Swanky was one of the first three agencies in Europe to become an accredited Shopify Plus Expert.

Whether you need web design, marketing, optimization, or migration, Swanky can work their magic so that you can reach your goals. Update your brand by refreshing your Shopify store with a new look that is intuitive and inviting for customers. If you’ve been putting hard work into your store only to be on the 10th page of Google, Swanky’s SEO and social media marketing will get your name at the forefront of potential customers’ minds.

If your current visitor’s conversion rate isn’t what you’ve hoped for, start a new conversion rate optimization campaign with Swanky. Or if you’re looking to upgrade to Shopify Plus — or migrate to Shopify from another platform — Swanky has some of the most knowledgeable Shopify migration experts on their team to ensure a smooth transition.

Swanky primarily serves merchants who use Shopify Plus or who are interested in migrating to Shopify Plus.

How will this partnership help me grow my business?

The world of eCommerce is fast-moving and ever-changing. That’s why you need experts who know how to work with the competitive world of digital marketing. Outdated solutions won’t do any good, which is why Swanky uses top of the line, new approaches to ecommerce.

Not to mention that marketing, designing, and optimizing conversion rates can take a lot of time. When you have a business to run, you have to prioritize your time carefully and determine what you can outsource. Swanky is clear and responsive to your needs to make sure that you are getting just what you need. No matter if you’re at the beginning of your ecommerce journey or somewhere in the middle, Swanky is there to help you take your brand to the next level. Whether you are a new eCommerce merchant or been on Shopify for a few years, Swanky can get set you up with a fantastic looking Shopify Plus store with an excellent conversion rate.

Work with Swanky today!

Swanky is ready when you are. Simply send us a message and they’ll be in touch as soon as possible. While they work with clients local and international, they have offices located in Devon, UK and Queensland, Australia. Swanky will take on projects from a wide variety of industries, so give them a holler!

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