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Refersion + Storetasker: Simplifying How You Run Your Store

Last Modified: January 31, 2023

You would like to spend more time focused on your customers, but you have so much to do to keep your Shopify store updated. Maybe you’ve been meaning to get to that Google Analytics report, but you just haven’t had a chance. Or you’ve been wanting to add a FAQ section to your website, but you’ve been so busy responding to customers that it just hasn’t happened yet.

Well, here’s where Storetasker comes in. Whether you have a big project you need started or a few small updates here and there, Storetasker can help. We’re partnering with Storetasker because we know that running an ecommerce brand can be time-consuming and that sometimes, you just need an extra hand.

What is Storetasker?

Storetasker offers a marketplace of ready-made services that their experts can complete. For example, if you’d like to have Google Analytics set up on your Shopify site, you can purchase the service from their website. Then, one of Storetasker’s experts will get notified to start working on the project. They will send you updates through the Storetasker dashboard and will have your service finished by the promised turnaround time.

Services range from smaller, one-time options to longer, multi-part projects. Storetasker has experts who can work on projects related to development, design, store setups, marketing, accounting, and photography. For example, one service Storetasker offers is a Store Review, where an expert will give you a report with their first impressions of your website and suggest any changes. If you need a store redesign or a platform migration, Storetasker can do that, too. Prices start at $65, which makes Storetasker available to smaller merchants who may not have thousands of dollars to spend on projects. They list prices as well as turnaround time right on their website, so you know exactly what you are getting and for how much.

If you have a need unique to your business, you can request a custom service from Storetasker. They understand that every business is a little different, and are more than happy to work on something new. After submitting your request to Storetasker, they will match you to an expert and give you a quote.

Storetasker is great for any merchant who wishes that they had an extra pair of hands to keep up with those tasks that have to be done in order to run a successful store. They are also great for someone just starting out who needs services like logos or automation setups.

How will this partnership help me grow my business?

Build a better Shopify store by letting Storetasker take care of the quick tweaks and fixes. Storetasker is made up of 60 experts who know their craft inside and out, which makes them great to work with. They vet every single one of their experts, making sure that you get to work with the best possible people.

They aim for strong communication with their customers, completing projects on time, and doing exceptional work. Your satisfaction is important to Storetasker — so you won’t see them taking any shortcuts.

What’s great about Storetasker is the variety of services they offer. From development and design to marketing and photography, their experts have got you covered. They’ve worked with dozens of merchants, including Polysleep, Ogee, and Bygge Bo.

Work with Storetasker today!

Working with Storetasker is easy! Send us a message, and one of their representatives will reach out to you for more information.

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Ruthie Carey