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Refersion + Sellry: Scaling Your Brand for Tomorrow

Last Modified: January 31, 2023

As well as helping you launch, scale, and manage your affiliate marketing program, Refersion brings you the best in partner apps, services, and agencies. We choose only the best, so you know your company is in good hands. That’s why we’re proud to announce our partnership with Sellry.

What is Sellry?

Sellry is a full-service ecommerce agency with an innovative team that takes a holistic approach to growing your brand. By expanding and redesigning your online presence, they focus on amplifying your specific voice to reach more customers, and to keep them coming back. From your logo and content strategy to social media integrations and custom website functions, Sellry brings it all.

Case Study: Vital Plan

Businesses who need to re-platform, expand their site’s capabilities, or refocus their branding efforts can trust the professionals at Sellry. When Vital Plan needed a way to take their ecommerce site to the next level, they turned to Selly to make it happen.

Bill Rawls, M.D., and his daughter, Braden Rawls, founded Vital Plan after Bill’s dissatisfaction with medical answers for persistent health problems sent him looking in the natural health realm. He formulated his own supplements with the highest-quality ingredients and grew beyond selling from his private location to a national online company. Dr. Rawls was initially using the Woo Commerce platform, but once he was ready to expand his sales capacity, he needed a website that could keep up.

Sellry rose to the challenge, designing a site that went well beyond the generic supplement theme and catered to the discerning shopper — for whom quality is a primary concern. Features such as searching products by ingredient and a layout that was clean, conservative, and persuasive were necessary elements that Sellry provided. They also added the ability to shop by condition and provided soft-sell internal ads, staying away from the flashier ads and hard-sell tactics of some supplement companies.

But the most critical part of the website makeover was designing a subscription model that served the specific needs of the Vital Plan customer. It had to gently upsell the subscription model to customers by communicating the advantages of the autoship program, including uninterrupted service and a ten percent discount. They also built an oversight system that identifies customers who might be about to cancel — so that Vital plan can reach out and solve any issues they might have.

Sellry launched Vital Plan’s rebuilt site in 2014, but the work didn’t stop there. After two hard pivots on the original site, building three additional sites, and some custom development, Vital Plan has seen significant growth in annual revenue, much of it recurring in the form of over 1,000 subscription orders per month.

The Bottom Line

Sellry works with many partners to build the custom web solutions your brand needs to grow. That’s why Refersion is proud to be one of those partners.

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Ruthie Carey