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Refersion + OneLive: Helping Premium Brands Achieve their Potential

Last Modified: January 31, 2023

refersion & onelive

Need help running your ecommerce business on Shopify Plus? At Refersion, we choose the best because we are the best. So when we tell you that the great people at OneLive Media are the best at what they do, you can believe it. Our partnership program showcases the best agencies and apps available for the ecommerce industry.

What is OneLive?

OneLive is a technology provider that helps brands deploy their ecommerce operations, utilizing the industry’s premium platform, ShopifyPlus. They help you optimize your ecommerce operations with their full suite of adjunct services and technology partners.

What Can OneLive Do For You?

OneLive media uses email marketing, social media advertising, and social media messaging to grow the reach of your brand by helping you engage customers on their favorite platforms. Segment your email marketing lists, create effective social media posts, and automatically respond to frequently asked questions on Facebook Messenger.

Want to increase your per-transaction value? With OneLive’s help, you can offer bundling options for similar products, incentivizing customers to buy items in combination. Loyalty programs that reward points for each purchase, rewarding friends, or signing up for a mailing list can also increase your average order value (AOV).

With automated push notifications and membership programs, OneLive helps you drive engagement and create brand stickiness to keep your customers coming back. OneLive even has an in-house fulfillment team with fast flat-rate shipping optimization, simplified returns, and logistics and warehousing management to make sure your products get to customers on time and earn their trust and satisfaction.


OneLive media leverages the merchandising opportunity of tours and live events to offer print-on-demand items like t-shirts, beer pong tables, weekender bags, beach towels, and corn hole boards. By utilizing print-on-demand items, a brand can generate extra revenue without the risk of unused inventory. Bring back old designs, test the salability of new ones, or produce extra runs for special events. With OneLive, you can do it all. They helped the band Third Day clean out old inventory as they went on their final tour — incentivizing customers by offering a special price on newly-printed shirts if they bought a stock shirt in the same transaction.


OneLive has the brand-building experts you need to put your company in the spotlight. From custom web design and development, to interactive marketing campaigns, they have the in-house art direction and design teams to give your company the image makeover it needs to stand out from the pack. Content creation and in-depth strategy are the remaining elements that fuel the direction and execution of OneLive’s brand-building program.

The Bottom Line

We run the best affiliate marketing program out there (if we do say so ourselves), but sometimes, your business needs even more than that to achieve its full potential. That’s why we partner with agencies like OneLive Media, with the knowledge, skills, and dedication to make your business vision a reality. Refersion and OneLive — together, we assure your success.

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