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Refersion + OneClickUpsell: Increase Your Conversion Rate and Transform your Value

Last Modified: January 31, 2023

Refersion chooses the best partner platforms, agencies, and apps to help you grow your business. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Zipify, which brings you powerful apps to integrate into your Shopify store.

If you want to increase your total sales without costly overhauls or a new marketing campaign, focus on improving your average order value (AOV). A straightforward way to do this is by offering upsells to your customers through your eCommerce site.

What is an upsell? It’s when you suggest a related product or a purchase upgrade to your customer at some point in the sales funnel. Kits, bundles, and subscriptions are all examples of upsells that can instantly increase your sales totals with minimal effort.

But be aware that offering suggestions at the wrong moment can frustrate your customer and lead to cart abandonment. Annoying pop-ups along the sales journey can cause potential leads to leave your site before the purchase is complete.

OneClickUpsell from Zipify solves that problem. OCU is an easy-to-install app that boasts seamless integration with Shopify’s platform and Refersion’s affiliate marketing framework. With OneClickUpsell, you can increase average order value with post-purchase offerings that don’t distract from order completion.

Unlike pre-purchase upsells, OneClickUpsell doesn’t intrude on the checkout process. Once the purchase is completed, OneClickUpsell presents another offer on what would typically just be a thank you page. Since this upsell occurs after the customer has entered their payment information, the original sale is never compromised. Then they can complete the new purchase with one click. (Without having to add their payment info again.) Additionally, you can track the results of each upsell choice with an in-app algorithm and make improvements based on real results.

With the simple installation of the OCU app, you can achieve a 16.2% conversion rate for upsells and transform your per-customer value overnight. Those who install OneClickUpsell see, on average, a post-integration increase of $18.60 in their AOV. Plus, installing OCU results in an average overall sales increase of 10–15%.

You can customize the upsell per product and create custom sales funnels with OneClickUpsell’s easy builder. Tie related items together, like offering flea medication with a dog food order, or catnip when someone orders cat treats. Do you sell camping equipment? What about offering a sunshade for that new folding chair?

The upsells you can offer are endless. With Shopify’s only post-purchase upsell integration, you can provide your customers with payment completion that is simple and effective. Using Amazon-style one-click checkout and relevant suggested products can produce impressive conversion results.

OCU integrates seamlessly with Refersion’s platform. Optimize your marketing efforts by promoting products to customers that have already made the decision to buy. By offering items that fit with what they just bought, you provide convenience in a way that is tailored to their individual needs. And, by offering the upsell at the moment when your customer is already in a favorable state of mind, you increase the upsell’s chance of success.

So far, over 17,000 Shopify stores have trusted us to boost their revenues and keep customers coming back. Post-upsell, we also send several automated emails that follow up with the customer and improve their satisfaction with their purchases. This customer happiness is reflected in lower refund rates, more reviews, better customer loyalty, and more repeat customers.

So what are you waiting for? Get OneClickUpsell and integrate it with your Shopify store today. With OneClickUpsell and Refersion on your team, your eCommerce site is primed for success.

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Ruthie Carey
Ruthie Carey