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Refersion + Micro Media Marketing: Manage Your Social Media with Style

Last Modified: January 31, 2023

Social media management plays a crucial role in marketing, especially when it comes to eCommerce. With so many tools to deliver detailed analytics and improve reach to your target audience, social media is becoming both more useful and more complicated to manage. Micro Media Marketing provides services to help you manage your social media presence with style.

What is Micro Media Marketing?

Founded in 2009, Micro Media Marketing is a premier Boutique Social Media Agency. Specializing in growing eCommerce brands that feature fashion, beauty, and home decor, Micro Media Marketing is managed by an incredible team of stay-at-home moms. They work with small, medium, and large businesses. Their team members offer a personalized approach to customer service tailored to each brand.

Micro Media Marketing provides services including social media management, targeted growth ads, and influencer marketing. Each of these services plays an important role in your social media marketing campaign, and having help from a professional social media manager is priceless.

How will this partnership help me grow my business?

Professional social media management allows your brand to enjoy a broader reach, which in turn leads to increased interaction with clients, customers, and fans. Fortunately for you, Micro Media Marketing has a wide range of experience, working with Internet Retailer top 500 and Fortune 500 companies. Here is a breakdown of how this partnership will help your business grow:

Social Media Management

Micro Media Marketing starts with a customized strategy first to ensure your brand’s success. We launch your brand on the platforms where your audience is most active. We develop a content calendar and manage the day to day monitoring for you. View your brand’s growth each month through detailed reporting. Have access to a team of experts and a direct social media manager that you can build a real relationship with to grow your brand.

Targeted Growth Ads

One of the most important skills in social media marketing is knowing how to reach your target audience. Understanding who your brand appeals to, when to expand your reach, and how to cultivate a loyal community of customers is a specialty for Micro Media Marketing. We run advertising across social media platforms to achieve goals from growth to traffic to conversions. Besides social media ads being extremely targeted they are also cost-effective ways to reach your audience.

Influencer Marketing

Micro Media Marketing manages your influencer marketing outreach. We target the right fit micro-influencers to larger influencers for the campaigns. We deliver communication, content, images, video, and data. Influencer marketing is expected to hit $10 Billion in 2020 according to AdWeek. Make sure you are focusing on the right influencers to get your brand results.

Work with Micro Media Marketing Today!

If you’re considering social media management, we recommend Micro Media Management regardless of your business size. If you have any questions about working with Micro Media Management or are ready to jump right in, go ahead and send us a message to get started!

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