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Refersion + BlueSwitch: Unleash the True Potential o Your Brand

Last Modified: February 28, 2023

You want the best for your business, and so do we. That’s why Refersion only partners with the best brands, agencies, and apps to help your business grow.

BlueSwitch: Marketing & Development for ShopifyPlus Brands

Need to give your site a makeover for your brand’s expansion? Look no further than BlueSwitch, the marketing creative that provides digital marketing, site-building, and IT support for all of your ShopifyPlus website needs. If you need a marketing strategy that seamlessly incorporates your brand’s aesthetics and individual voice across your web design and digital channels, look no further than the professionals at BlueSwitch.

Who Needs BlueSwitch?

Enterprise brands with an extensive online presence will benefit from the expertise of BlueSwitch. Their team can build, upgrade, enhance, and develop your eCommerce site to make the most of your brand’s potential. With the expert choice of theme, design, and features, their team will take your website to the next level.

Case Study: Flower Beauty

What happens when a significant eCommerce brand needs a complete overhaul just weeks before Black Friday? With only three weeks to fix a Magento-based website with intermittent crashes, BlueSwitch decided on an extreme solution that wasn’t easy to sell: migrating the entire site to the ShopifyPlus platform.

This tactic meant replicating the colors, themes, and functionality of the old site while simultaneously adding new features. One notable achievement involved the color swatch previews for the various makeup shades. In choosing a new theme for the site, BlueSwitch went with Prestige, a customizable option that represented the brand’s look from the old site.

However, the new theme didn’t have the same ability to fully showcase color swatches, an essential consideration for customers wanting to find their perfect shade of makeup. After looking at several apps and plug-ins, BlueSwitch’s development team opted for a custom-coded solution to show the entire set of swatches as a preview for each selected product. Customers would then be able to click on a shade and see the main product photo change to match. The solution extended to the photo preview that is displayed once the customer adds an item to the cart. This seamless experience helps customers view and choose their preferred colors with a minimum of disruption, leading to a better conversion rate.

Once BlueSwitch pulled off the platform migration, Flower Beauty saw their metrics dramatically improve: no more site crashes, email conversions rose by 81%, site revenue increased by 67%, and overall conversions jumped 20%. BlueSwitch accomplished this just in time for the year-end holiday shopping season.

The Bottom Line

So if you need a site overhaul, platform migration, integrated marketing plan, or IT support fro your eCommerce site, look no further than Refersion’s partner agency, BlueSwitch. Refersion will help you launch, maintain, and expand the affiliate marketing program you need to expand the reach of your business, while BlueSwitch optimizes your site potential. That’s just one reason why this partnership makes so much sense.

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