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Refersion + Octane AI: <strong>Grow and Engage Your Affiliate Program</strong>

Last Modified: February 28, 2023

Did you know that you can use Octane AI + Refersion to send targeted Facebook messages to your affiliates? Using Facebook Messenger and SMS messages, you can engage directly with members of your affiliate program to see an average open rate of over 80% on Messenger and over 95% on SMS.

Grow and Engage Your Affiliate Program with Refersion and Octane AI

Using Refersion to manage your affiliate program, your approved affiliates or your manually-added affiliates will immediately be added to an email list when Refersion is integrated with Klaviyo or Mailchimp. Using either email service provider to sync these lists to Facebook as custom audiences allows you to target Facebook messages to your desired list!

This allows you to run click to Messenger Facebook ads to grow your affiliate program and send targeted follow-up messages. It also enables you to send Facebook messages directly to your current affiliate members to increase engagement or run campaigns.

Run Conversational Ads to Grow Your Affiliate Program and Automatically Send Follow-Up Messages

Promote your affiliate program sign-up link by running conversational Facebook ads that allow you to capture the information of those who click your call to action and engage them over Facebook Messenger.

Once a visitor engages with the ad, they’re subscribed to your Facebook Messenger whether they complete the sign-up process or not. This gives you the power to retarget those who don’t sign-up but showed interest by clicking your ad!

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You can create targeted follow-up messages from Octane AI that send directly to an audience who engaged with your ad, but didn’t sign up for your affiliate program through Refersion.

Follow-up messages OctaneAi

This will result in higher ROAS when promoting your affiliate program, and allow you to send highly personalized messages that result in better conversions to joining your program.

Send Current Affiliate Program Members Exclusive Offers

You can use Refersion with Octane AI to send current affiliate program members exclusive offers that push directly into their Facebook Messenger inbox.

Current affiliate program members exclusive offers

Engage Affiliate Program Members with Personalized Messages

Using advanced Facebook targeting alongside Octane AI and Refersion, you can send highly targeted and personalized messages to affiliate program members. For example, use data collected from your Facebook pixel to target if someone viewed your product pages.

Personalized messages Octane AI

You can even send affiliate program members a birthday message or offer. Leverage Facebook’s advanced targeting to personalize your message and build a strong relationship with your affiliates.

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