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ChargeX city tour 2019: San Diego & Los Angeles recap

Last Modified: January 31, 2023

Last week, we moved full steam ahead with our mission to cultivate a fantastic community of merchants across the globe. We partnered up with our friends at ReCharge for multiple events in their ChargeX City Tour in both San Diego and Los Angeles! We had an amazing time connecting with merchants, businesses, and entrepreneurs on the West Coast.

Quick background if you’re new to ReCharge: it is the leading platform to help you supercharge your Shopify store through subscriptions. If you’re a Refersion customer, you should check out our integration with ReCharge that will allow you to run a more effective affiliate program using a subscription eCommerce model. Because of this great relationship, we decided to cosponsor their city tour.

chargex city tour 2019

First, we traveled to San Diego for a ChargeX event at 10 Barrel Brewing. Did you know that San Diego is known for its breweries? Great fact to learn! We got to sample some drinks that were local to the area and network with many fantastic merchants (who showed up for more than just the beer, promise). Several of the merchants we met were based out of the San Diego area, while some were in town for the recent Traffic & Conversion Summit.

We always find that attending networking happy hours are the ideal way to connect with new people in a relaxed setting (which is also why we host Meetups so often!). These events bring our community together and create connections that last far beyond a simple introduction via email. Managing a business can be stressful, so these events help us build a community that we can depend on locally and nationwide.

And maybe our favorite part of hosting these events is linking back up with our amazing users. Some of our guests at the San Diego event included FourSigmaticMuteSixBeekeeper’s Naturals, and Pura Vida Bracelets. Also, ChargeX San Diego’s other sponsor just so happened to be another one of our integration partners, Carthook, a fantastic service that gives you more control over your all-important checkout page.

A few days after our ChargeX San Deigo event, we headed to Luma for ChargeX Los Angeles. Luma is located in a very lively neighborhood in Santa Monica, California and it was the perfect backdrop for an afternoon of learning and networking.

chargex city tour

This event focused on the future of subscription eCommerce, and we spent time understanding what’s next on the product roadmap for our friends at ReCharge. The world of commerce is consistently evolving, so being able to spend time chatting about these updates with other merchants was crucial in supporting and servicing businesses of all sizes.

We also had a great conversation about optimizing subscriptions on mobile from our friends at TapCart. During this portion, Refersion’s own Ashley Spiker spoke about merchant case studies and our integration with ReCharge. She also touched on building a modern affiliate program with the various tools and services at your disposal, and our friends at Clearbanc discussed investment trends for brands with subscription products.

refersion chargex city tour

As always, networking with current and potential clients was our favorite part of this event as well. We were fortunate enough to connect with many incredible and innovative companies including ShopElfStealth Venture LabsJapanCrate, and Flexfits.

Keep in mind, ChargeX may be coming to a city near you with ChargeX City Tour 2019. We’ve already made stops in New York City, but we have other dates planned. In fact, we’ll be in Atlanta, Georgia on April 9th, 2019. If you’d like to learn more about this and other upcoming events on the city tour, check out the ChargeX website for all the latest information.

We hope to see you soon!

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