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Can Ecommerce Brands Expect Another Amazon Prime Day?

May 25, 2024

Year after year, Amazon Prime Day continues to reach new heights, and 2022 is no exception.

The first Amazon Prime Day was held on July 15, 2015, lasted for 24 hours, and was available to shoppers in nine countries across the world, including the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, France, and others.

By 2021, Amazon Prime day has expanded its window to encompass a full 48 hours and has reached 18 countries worldwide. Moreover, Amazon Prime Day has created a halo effect, lifting the sales of other ecommerce websites during the same period as the big day.

As a result of Amazon Prime Day becoming such a marked day for shopping among online consumers, the retail giant has been increasingly looking for new ways to entice shoppers into buying. For instance, in October of 2021, Amazon Beauty launched a three-week sale focused on beauty products. Similarly, in May of 2022, Amazon Pet Day offered 24-hours of saving on a multitude of pet products.

Now, in Amazon’s latest bid to continue that trend and increase the influence of Prime Day, the company is rumored to be holding a second Amazon Prime Day in October 2022, just before the massive holiday shopping season.

Naturally, such hearsay has piqued the curiosity of scores of retailers and shoppers alike. To help ecommerce brands and affiliate marketers understand what to expect and how to prepare for a second Amazon Prime Day, today, we will explore the rumor itself, how likely this is to happen, and how to get ready for the potentiality of Prime Day part deux.

Let’s get started.

Prime Day 2022: A Performance Overview

With inflation at its highest in more than 40 years, the ultimate outcome of this year’s Prime Day was uncertain. While the event did not go as well as Amazon had expected, with average cart sizes and average dollar amounts per purchase lower than expected, Amazon Prime Day 2022 was record-breaking nonetheless.

According to Amazon, this year was “the biggest Prime Day event in Amazon’s history,” with more than 300 million items sold over the 48-hour period. As a result, Amazon revenue skyrocketed by 300 percent over the daily average of the 20 days preceding the event. Additionally, as the ecommerce behemoth reported, small and medium-sized businesses were the main driver of these sales and significantly outpaced Amazon’s retail business as, “customers spent over $3 billion on more than 100 million small business items.”

In sum, it is being estimated that Amazon sales reached an astonishing $12 billion, representing a modest increase over the previous year. However, given that the economic circumstances in 2022 are drastically more muted than in 2021, this is still a big win for Amazon.

This performance primarily shows two things: First is that, even in the face of economic uncertainty, Prime Day continues to be a massive force for generating ecommerce sales. Second, a bi-annual Amazon Prime Day is potentially viable and could even usurp some of the spending that would traditionally occur during Black Friday/Cyber Monday events, being just several weeks removed from the holiday shopping period.

Thus, if this fall’s potential Prime Day is going to be anything like its predecessor, ecommerce brands have a massive money-making opportunity just over the horizon.

This begs the question: Will a follow-up to Prime Day actually happen and, if it does, what will it look like?

Prime Fall Potential: What to Expect

Shortly before Prime Day’s July 2022 launch, it was reported that Amazon was planning a second Prime Day event for the year. According to CNBC, the company began contacting select merchants, stating:

“The Prime Fall deal event is a Prime-exclusive shopping event coming in Q4… Submit recommended Lightning Deals for this event for a chance to have your deal selected!”

While no specific date was mentioned, rumors indicate that the event is potentially slated for October. That said, Amazon has made no official statement on the matter.

Assuming that Prime Fall does happen, many are unsure if the event is poised to be as large as traditional Prime Day events or if it will be more subdued, given that the aforementioned message puts out a call for “recommended Lightning Deals.”

This language does imply that Amazon could merely be aiming to ramp up sales with a selection of early deals geared exclusively toward Prime members as a way of priming people (pun intended) for the big holiday shopping season that will commence shortly thereafter. Thus, it could simply be a warm up for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday boom.

However, if Amazon does decide to go through with a full-scale Prime Day event, it wouldn’t be the first time that the company did so in October. In 2020, the company was forced to move its summertime event to the fall (October in specific) as a result of COVID-19 restrictions and supply chain issues.

Ultimately, 2020 was Amazon’s biggest Prime Day up to that point, proving that it could indeed thrive in the weeks before the biggest holiday shopping days of the year.

What makes this one exceptionally different is that it will be the first time that Amazon has attempted to hold two Prime Day events in a single year.

How Affiliate Marketers Can Make the Most of Prime Fall 2022

While it is still up for debate whether the event will be scaled back or a full-on Prime Day part deux, the concrete details on the matter should be revealed relatively soon.

No matter which form this occasion takes, the Prime Fall event represents another opportunity to drive significant amounts of traffic and generate conversions based on consumer trust in influencers, affiliates, and publishers, coupled with amazing deals.

However, if Prime Fall is indeed going to be like the one held over the summer, capitalizing on this potential and managing the campaigns necessary to maximize ROI necessitates that merchants have the tools in place to enable such ends. Thus, Affiliate Marketing by Refersion is the best way to grow Amazon sales this fall.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing by Refersion is the only affiliate marketing platform that offers an Amazon Integration, thereby giving ecommerce brands on Amazon a cost-effective way to scale their Amazon ROI.

Those who enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry program are eligible to sign up for Refersion’s Amazon Affiliate Marketing and gain the tools that will enable merchants to partner directly with top-performing affiliates and publishers to drive directed, qualified traffic to their Amazon product listings. Since ecommerce brands will only pay for actual sales, this means that their Prime Day ROI will be significantly higher than if they were to invest in paid campaigns that generate more clicks than conversions.

Using Amazon Affiliate Marketing by Refersion, merchants will be able to upload their Amazon product catalog, seek out premier affiliates and publishers, have affiliates apply to their program, manage promotions, obtain product tracking links using the Amazon API, oversee sales, monitor critical performance data, and even pay affiliates using Unified Payments.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing by Refersion allows merchants to manage all of the most critical aspects of their campaigns and program overall, including streamlining communications, customizing commission payouts, accessing detailed analytics, and more, all through one intuitive platform.

Given that affiliate marketing is one of the fastest-growing and most effective types of performance marketing, Amazon Affiliate Marketing by Refersion is the easiest and most sensible way for merchants to make the most of Prime Fall 2022, as well as the holiday shopping season that will commence just a few weeks later.

Capitalizing on Prime Day Success

With each of Amazon’s Prime Day events being a massive success, it only makes sense for ecommerce brands to prepare for the next one, which it seems is just around the corner.

With July’s Prime Day raking in more than $12 billion in sales, ensuring that your brand is positioned to leverage Prime Fall to the fullest is necessary for maximizing annual revenue. Additionally, even if Prime Fall proves to be a more subdued event, your brand will be ready to score even more sales through Amazon during the holiday season.If your brand wants to make the most out of Amazon’s next Prime Day event and scale Amazon sales overall, reach out to us today to see how you can get started with Amazon Affiliate Marketing by Refersion.

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