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Top 5 Shopify Apps to Upgrade Your Affiliate Marketing Program

Last Modified: February 8, 2023

Ecommerce and affiliate marketing have been experiencing exponential levels of growth in the last few years, with Shopify being on the front lines. Affiliate marketing statistics published by Fetch Profits report that 2 out of 5 ecommerce sales worldwide are contributed to affiliate marketing. 

More than 80% of today’s brands already have affiliate marketing programs, and affiliate marketing spending is expected to grow by over 10% in the next few years. The recent pandemic has accelerated the growth of ecommerce and affiliate marketing even further, as more and more consumers were finding themselves indoors and wanting to shop. 

Shopify is one of the leading and most popular ecommerce platforms in the world, with more than 1.7 million merchants using it to sell their products and services online. With thousands of apps available on Shopify, ecommerce brands are able to take their existing affiliate marketing programs to the next level by using Shopify apps that seamlessly integrate with their affiliate marketing platform and program. 

Refersion is the leading end-to-end performance marketing platform for affiliate marketing, with over 500,000 affiliates and over 20,000 merchants on its affiliate marketing platform. Refersion allows merchants to maximize the results of their affiliate marketing program with Shopify apps that seamlessly integrate into the Refersion platform and a merchant’s existing affiliate marketing program. 

This article will cover the top 5 Shopify apps to elevate your affiliate marketing program. 

  1. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is one of the leading growth email marketing platforms. It allows brands to deliver personalized experiences across multiple marketing channels, such as email, SMS, and web by automating email and SMS marketing. Klaviyo uses cutting-edge data science and high-level automation to help brands deliver unique and highly personalized experiences for their audiences through marketing emails that drive sales. 

When integrated with affiliate marketing platforms such as Refersion, Klaviyo becomes a powerful tool for automating email and SMS communications to a brand’s affiliates. It helps brands onboard, educate, and incentivize their affiliates so they can make the most of their affiliate marketing program through automation. When new affiliates join a brand’s affiliate marketing program, Klaviyo automatically reaches out to them. Klaviyo sends new affiliates branded, personalized welcome and onboarding emails so they can learn more about the brand and its affiliate marketing program. 

Klaviyo enables affiliates to stay engaged, informed, and incentivized by sending monthly newsletters and exclusive offers for new products or special commission incentives. Finally, Klaviyo helps brands take their affiliate marketing programs a step further by sending automated email notifications when affiliates successfully reach new bonus tier achievements.  

02. Recharge

Recharge is an app that allows brands to sell subscription services to customers and increase their lifetime value by creating a seamless buying experience. 

Integrating Recharge with affiliate marketing platforms like Refersion allows brands to track and manage their subscriptions products and affiliate sales easily. Recharge allows affiliates to earn recurring commissions for a customer’s subscription lifetime. At the same time, Refersion helps brands track and payout commissions to their affiliates. When paired with Refersion, Recharge helps brands and affiliates alike save time while incentivizing affiliates to sell more subscription products. 

03. Zapier

Zapier is an automation tool that seamlessly connects all the apps a brand uses so that they all work together in harmony. This is masterfully done with Zapier by creating connections between apps called ‘Zaps.’ Zaps allow brands to automate their day-to-day tasks and automate workflows between apps that otherwise wouldn’t be possible when the apps are used on their own. 

For example, when integrated with Refersion, Zapier can automatically create events in Refersion or have Refersion automatically set in motion specific actions in other apps connected to Zapier. This can be done when a new affiliate joins a brand’s affiliate program or when an order is made on ecommerce platforms and is then received in Refersion. 

04. Weglot

Weglot is a robust translation solution that allows brands to make their websites multilingual in a matter of minutes and without any knowledge of complex coding or other technical skills. When integrated with Refersion, Weglot allows brands to expand their affiliate programs into non-English speaking markets with ease. 

A Weglot integration helps brand’s recruit non-English speaking affiliates by dynamically translating a brand’s affiliate marketing platform into the native language of the affiliate. 

05. Nacelle

Nacelle is a headless commerce platform that helps brands modernize their tech stack with API-first, modular and best-of-breed solutions. A Netskope cloud report recently found that average organizations use an astonishing 91 different marketing tech tools in their tech stack. Therefore, modernizing their tech stack to run efficiently and smoothly is crucial for brands today. 

Through an integration with Refersion, Nacelle helps a brand’s referral sites load faster. It also helps a brand’s website handle spikes in traffic when an affiliate features a brand and drives a sudden rush of traffic onto the site. When a brand combines headless and affiliate solutions together, they are able to fully maximize their affiliate marketing channel. 

The Bottom Line

Brands should always strive to make the most of their affiliate marketing programs. Refersion offers a robust all-in-one platform that gives brands the data, resources, and app integrations they need to scale their affiliate programs. 

By using the top 5 Shopify app integrations with Refersion, brands are able to reach new audiences and markets previously inaccessible to them. 

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