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How to Upgrade Your Affiliate Marketing with Chargebee

June 24, 2024

Subscription services have always been a significant way for companies to make revenue, but in recent years, they’ve become even more important. Over the past five years, subscription services have exploded, growing by more than 100% per year.

Subscription services allow you to have a regular source of income and provide your customers with a regular source of product, whether that product is physical, digital, or something else entirely. This is the case whether you have five subscribers or 5,000.

The growth in subscriptions over the last few years has also made it necessary to utilize high-tech options for subscribers. It’s easier to hook subscribers if you make it super-easy for them to sign up; you just “set it and forget it,” with no checking in necessary. You also need methods of advertising your subscription service to the right people, and when it comes to subscription services, the “right people” may be more difficult to find.

Here’s what you need to know about incorporating affiliate marketing into your Chargebee account so that you can do exactly that.

What Is Chargebee?

First of all, it’s often helpful to understand what these services are in the first place.

Chargebee is a service that makes it easy and automated to set up a subscription service for your company. From all-around subscription management, including generalized customer and subscription data, to automating recurring payments for customers, Chargebee allows you to experiment with different methods of subscriptions, offer trial periods for potential new customers, and read your analytics more easily to understand why your customers are doing what they’re doing.

As a SaaS (System as a Service) provider, Chargebee helps you make your actual customers’ experience much smoother. While it’s technically possible for you to build this type of process yourself, this is typically best reserved for large companies that can afford a dedicated software developer and webmaster who can manage their personalized system. Chargebee allows your company to do this in an affordable manner. 

Affiliate Marketing Software for Subscription Services

For many years now, affiliate marketing has been one of the most prominent types of marketing for both small and large companies. As recently as 2016, 81% of advertisers with companies earning at least $200 million in revenue noted that they were currently including affiliate marketing as part of their marketing strategy. That same study also indicated at least a growth rate of 10% through 2020, meaning that the number is likely higher now.

There’s no getting around it – affiliate marketing is important, and it’s going to become more and more important over the coming years. It builds your brand awareness, allows you to acquire new customers, and helps you actively build a specific image of your brand. When you use affiliate marketing software like Refersion alongside your Chargebee integration, it makes it easier for you to understand what’s driving your new customers and what you can do to reach out to them.

Using Affiliate Tracking Software With Chargebee

Refersion is the best tool to use for your affiliate tracking software. You need more information than just, “Here’s how many customers each of your affiliates brought in over the last month.” Although this is certainly important information, as it allows you to pay your affiliates actively, it’s also the absolute bare bones when it comes to running an affiliate marketing program. The more information you have, the more effectively you’ll be able to reach out both to your customers and to your affiliates, both old and new.

With Refersion’s partnership with Chargebee, you can set up a brand-new affiliate program or shift your existing affiliate program through Refersion, which is built into the Chargebee hosted pages. You can track all the information related to your affiliate program, including commission numbers and specific information surrounding the path the customer took. Refersion even has a Chargebee expert who can help you with design and setup. The 14-day free Refersion trial is a great way to try out all the benefits that Refersion can bring to your affiliate program.

The Bottom Line

Affiliate marketing is most certainly here to stay, and if you’re going to engage in affiliate marketing, it’s best to do it in the most effective way possible. Ineffective affiliate marketing could end in you spending time and money on a program that you end up discarding in just a few months because it’s not really bringing new people into your subscriptions.

Instead, you can rely on Refersion to help you learn how to convert those visitors into subscribers. The partnership with Chargebee allows Refersion to seamlessly integrate into your existing subscription management, making subscription and affiliate management equally simple.


What specific features does Chargebee offer to help manage affiliate payouts and track performance? 
Chargebee offers robust features for managing affiliate payouts and tracking performance, including automated payment scheduling and detailed reporting tools that help businesses analyze the effectiveness of their affiliate campaigns in real-time.

How does integrating Chargebee with Refersion improve the affiliate recruitment process? 
Integrating Chargebee with Refersion enhances the affiliate recruitment process by automating the signup and onboarding steps, simplifying management tasks, and enabling more efficient tracking of affiliate activities and performance.

What are the key differences between using Chargebee for affiliate management versus other subscription management platforms?
Chargebee differs from other subscription management platforms by offering specialized tools for affiliate marketing, such as integration capabilities with various marketing platforms, enhanced customization options for commission plans, and superior analytics for tracking the financial aspects of affiliate programs.

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