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How to Build an Affiliate Program for Fitness Bloggers

Last Modified: February 13, 2023

How to Build an Affiliate Program for Fitness Bloggers

Fitness influencers have become a force to be reckoned with on Instagram and TikTok. But fitness blogs are a mainstay, and long-form articles give more space for recipes, complex workout routines, still photos, diagrams, maps, and other critical information for serious fitness enthusiasts — which makes them an ideal platform for affiliate marketing.

Whether a fitness blogger ends up focusing on long-form or bite-size content, the need for excellent partnerships will always be a priority.

Well-rounded affiliate and ambassador programs offer financial benefits for participating fitness bloggers, but transparency and a personalized relationship with each ambassador or affiliate is critical for success. And access to data and clear communication will make all the difference. Here are 4 fitness and wellness brands that have built strong affiliate marketing programs.

Affiliate Tracking Software That Makes Marketing Easier


HLTH Code offers a nutritionally complete meal replacement shake created to be nutritious, affordable, and ultra-convenient. The brand realized they needed the help of product evangelists — influential people who believe in their product—to partner with them to spread the word. Building an affiliate program was the clear solution.

HLTH Code’s affiliate program makes it easy for fitness bloggers and other product evangelists to earn commission on sales, even if a visitor takes their time deciding to buy the product — and has grown into an important source of revenue for the business. The hands-on approach that HLTH code brings to partner activation has helped establish long-term partnerships that continue to generate monthly recurring revenue — and resulted in the brand seeing a 3.7x increase in affiliate revenue growth in just a matter of months.


Nuzest’s high-quality, allergen-free protein powder is becoming a must-have for fitness enthusiasts. And this success is due in part to the brand’s affiliate program which makes it easy to generate sales. They use first-party tracking that tracks referrals for 90 days, which is 3x longer standard, and helps ensure that affiliates get credit for the sales they drive. Nuzest also has its own recipe blog, which that makes it easy for fitness bloggers to get fresh ideas when featuring the brand’s products.


Performix offers a variety of energy, protein, and weight loss products. The brand image is all about motivation, making partnerships with fitness bloggers a perfect fit. Their strategy is to focus on working with established fitness experts, including trainers, but they remain open to working with anyone who is interested in helping others build true long-term strength.

Part of what makes Performix’s affiliate experience so smooth is its affiliate tracking software’s seamless data integration with its ecommerce tech stack. This results in better data that makes it easier for affiliates to reach their goals with less guesswork. Real-time detailed data allows brand representatives to make faster adjustments to their existing content to maximize sales and commissions. Since launching in January of 2018, the Performix brand’s affiliate program saw over 1,200 new rep sign-ups.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Urban Strength

Urban Strength focuses on gymnastics and calisthenics, making it a unique standout in the fitness world. Some of the brand’s products, like their foam rollers and exercise bands, have wide appeal and a variety of fitness uses — while others are more specific to the needs of gymnasts.

Urban Strength is based in Australia, so they focus on that market and have no set policy about affiliates’ locations. Their ambassador program is designed for well-established bloggers and fitness experts, and their selectiveness has allowed them to maintain their brand’s high-quality image.

The Common Thread: Refersion

Refersion is proud to partner with the affiliate programs that have helped make these trusted brands the powerhouses they are today. Affiliate and ambassador partnerships don’t have to involve guesswork when brands rely on precise, easy-to-understand data that shows them what’s working. Custom commission structures maintain transparency and fairness to keep affiliates motivated — in the fitness space and beyond.

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