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Why a strong user experience is crucial to the success of an affiliate marketing strategy

Last Modified: January 31, 2023

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2019 has come and gone and, with that, we will see past trends fade and new trends emerge. This change spells news to come for affiliate marketing, with new approaches being tested among companies around the world. Some of these trends will stick while others will fall by the wayside. However the year pans out for affiliate marketing and social media at large, your company can get a foot forward on the competition by implementing a user-friendly affiliate marketing strategy.

You understand the importance of presentation if you have used Refersion’s affiliate tracking software in the past. If you’re new to our platform, you might be learning the ins and outs of creating an affiliate marketing strategy, attempting to determine the best course of action forward. Whatever position your company is in, whether experienced or novice, you should consider updating the quality of your website and affiliate interface early in 2020.


The Importance of User Experience

When you use the Refersion affiliate tracking software, you are handed a platform that allows you to effectively manage and communicate with your affiliate marketers on a regular basis. We have constructed our platform to be clean and navigable, making it an easy-to-use site for people interacting with it for the very first time. This approach is not only for the benefit of our clients but for the affiliates they contract, providing them with a frictionless experience that enhances the well-being of all involved parties.

The idea of navigability and the “frictionless experience” are notions connected to user experience (UX). Defined as the “overall experience of a person when using a product,” user experience is an important characteristic your website should be tracking when it comes to how your customers interact with your website. Related to digital user experience, whether with your web or mobile site, the aspects of interaction are related to a customer’s “behavior, actions, perceptions and satisfaction” when using your site.

While your company might be thinking about reaching out to customers through apps like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or Facebook, you should give just as much of your affiliate marketing strategy attention to enhancing the quality of user experience with your website.

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Why User Experience Matters

Think of user experience like crafting a narrative: You’re starting somewhere and seeking to end at a conclusion but, if you structure your statements awkwardly or go off on too many tangents in the interim, you’ll confuse those you’re speaking to. In the end, they might be more confused than when they started, thinking to themselves, “How did I end up here when I started over there?” A poorly designed website is like a poorly crafted narrative — it can be confusing, disorienting, upsetting, and it might even send someone walking away from it altogether.

You hire affiliate marketers to send potential customers to your website from various other sites and apps. The last thing you want to do is cause those potential sales to go running in the opposite direction, scared away by the strange structure of your website. Instead, if you work on crafting and enhancing the UX design of your website, you can keep potential customers around, eventually turning their interest into a sale.

Improving a Customer’s Digital User Experience

When crafting your affiliate marketing strategy and ideal UX design, you need to first think of your customers and how they will be “entered in the sales funnel,” which can be lengthy but, at its core, it amounts to the following characteristics: Who are your customers? Who are they at their best? What problem is holding them back from their dreams? How does your project help them overcome this problem achieve their dreams?

Once you have identified these traits, you can go about crafting your company’s narrative, which will identify the structure you want to provide your customers with. Your affiliates should already be presenting this narrative to potential customers before they come to your site, but they should be reminded upon arriving on your homepage.

Let them know that you understand their interests and their problems and that you have crafted the exact solution to help them garner whatever it is they’re looking for. If you can present this information in a clear, knowledgeable, approachable format, you can effectively entice customers to further explore your site, increasing your chances of a sales conversion.

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