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Choose the Best Products to Promote Using Affiliate Marketing

Last Modified: February 28, 2023

How to Choose the Right Products to Promote Using Affiliate Marketing

It’s worth setting aside time to consider which products you want to promote while crafting your company’s affiliate marketing strategy. When creating your affiliate program, not every product is meant for outbound marketing — some services and products will resonate better with certain audiences. To understand which products will work best for your affiliate marketing purposes, it will require a few considerations.

Find Your Niche Before You Begin Promoting Products

Most times companies setting up their affiliate management software will begin with setting aside what products they want to sell. Once they have their products in mind, they’ll then move on to finding the right affiliates to market their products.

While this might work here and there, it’s a better idea to start with identifying your niche audience and then moving on to which products will work best when marketed to them. A well-defined niche makes it easier to promote quality products, as you can identify a market where a specific product is more likely to sell. Rather than taking a chance on an affiliate campaign, it’s smart to do your research first.

Promote Something Unique from the Crowd

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Once your company has identified the right niche for its products, it will then require researching said niche to determine what’s already popular among the crowd. Part of using affiliate marketing to your advantage is selling products that are unique and more likely to draw in engagement and conversions. Rather than selling what every other affiliate brand is marketing, consider selling something that stands out from the crowd.

Affiliate marketing can sometimes feel difficult, as selling products solely resides in the hands of your affiliates. To ensure you’re getting enough eyes on your products, you should be marketing products that are bound to stand out in a niche.

Think of Evergreen Products

While you should find your niche audience prior to marketing your products, you should also remain aware of the trends of our time. Some products hit a stride with consumers, only to hit a wall in a short period of time. These are fly-by-night products that have no lasting power. They are good for the short buck but think of them as temporary trends. Then there are evergreen services. These are services that have staying power — something that stays up to date or which will be bought again and again over the years if it is a product.

Under the right circumstances, particularly when an evergreen service, like fitness or beauty, is beginning to hit its fullest swing, you can add certain evergreen products to your affiliate marketing strategy. By getting on top of a popular trend, you can get products out of inventory that has been sitting around for some time. And the benefit is that your entire business doesn’t have to be focused solely on that product; you can make your evergreen product a beneficial asset to your overall affiliate marketing program.

Increase Profitability by Promoting Poor Performing Products


Sometimes a product you expected to sell a lot of doesn’t land as well as you’d hope. Companies might feel compelled to keep these products in stock, hoping to sell them off at some point, but it won’t always work that way — sometimes a poorly performing product can lead to a regular loss in revenue, especially as it continues to be produced. To overcome this damage, you can do an internal audit on product SKUs. Even if a product is determined to be performing poorly enough to be discontinued, identify products that are set for clearance in the hope of clearing old stock.

Harnessing the power of your affiliate program can make it easier to get these older products out the door. Incentivizing your affiliates with bonuses for selling such products can improve their success, garnering more attention and engagement to, hopefully, lead to sales conversions.

Make the Most of Your Affiliate Management Software

Your affiliate management software is designed to make it easier to track referrals, engagement, and conversions. To get the most out of the products your affiliates are promoting, you should use your affiliate management software to track the performance of products already being promoted. It can help identify what products your company’s affiliate strategy should be focused on, making it easier to move stock and improve the quality of your affiliate program.

Research and Use the Right Affiliate Management Software

Just having an affiliate program isn’t enough. To make the most of your program, you need to conduct preliminary research to identify areas that require focus. And, with the right affiliate management software, your company can analyze decisions and make the most out of all affiliate marketing decisions.

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