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Refersion + Weglot: Overcoming the Language Barrier in Affiliate Marketing

Last Modified: February 28, 2023

refersion & weglot

Are you looking to expand your affiliate program into non-English-speaking markets? Then you need Weglot, Refersion’s new integrated partner that handles all of your translation needs.

Weglot translates any site with just a few clicks, and with no complex coding required. If you are currently running (or seeking to launch) an affiliate program in a non-English market, the Refersion Weglot integration will dynamically translate almost all of our entire affiliate platform into the native language of your affiliates, making it easy for you to grow your program.

How Brands Benefit from this Integration

With the Weglot integration, you’ll be able to recruit non-english speaking affiliates. Whether you’re a US brand expanding your program to international markets or you’re a non-US brand wanting to harness the power of our affiliate platform, this integration opens up doors that never existed before on Refersion.

What Does Weglot Translate?

Weglot translates the essential portions of the affiliate dashboard into the affiliate’s native language. Sections that are completely translated include Payment History and Reporting, and provisional translation of other sections like Settings, because Weglot does not access PII like name and address, passwords, and customer tracking. Some headings or tab labels are excluded from the translation, but that doesn’t in any way detract from the functionality of the service.

Here’s an Example

Let’s assume that you launch your affiliate program in a Spanish-speaking market, and your potential affiliates want to access their pages in Spanish. Even if they speak English, being able to access their information in Spanish will increase their efficiency and eliminate any language barrier.

How to Get Started

This integration couldn’t be easier. Simply copy and paste the Weglot API key into your Refersion settings page, giving you access to a language icon at the bottom of the screen. Simply select the language you want, and the affiliate dashboard will automatically update to the new language.

Once you follow our detailed integration instructions, any of your affiliates will be able to toggle between your integrated languages with ease. Weglot allows your affiliates easy access to their dashboard with seamless, AI-assisted smart translation. Plus, their team of in-house translators and coders will help you with any hiccups or imprecise renderings.

The Bottom Line

Refersion offers the best in partnerships and Weglot is simply the latest team-up we’re bringing to the game. Expand your reach, meet your affiliates where they’re at, and access new opportunities with Refersion’s Weglot integration.

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Ruthie Carey