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Case Study

Verb Products

June 09, 2022

After partnering with Refersion in 2019, Verb scaled its affiliate program from 100 affiliates to 2,000 and drove affiliate-driven revenue upwards from a yearly average of $2K to almost $700K to date.

Affiliate-driven revenue to date$1.8M

Born in Austin, Texas as a salon-quality solution to overpriced, chemical-laden hair products, Verb is committed to formulating the best hair care at an affordable price. Since 2011, Verb’s mission has been to “keep it real” with paraben, gluten, sulfate, and cruelty-free products that deliver real results and cater to real people. Straightforward packaging and natural ingredients bring the company’s simplified approach to hair care full circle, empowering Verb customers to embrace an effortless, solution-focused relationship with their hair.

A Low Volume, High Maintenance Beginning

Due to the “no-nonsense” persona that accompanied their brand style, Verb sought a marketing strategy that would align with the same foundational principles of their products. The team at Verb wanted like-minded individuals to spread authentic brand awareness, but also maintain the integrity of their salon-raised origins. As a result, the affiliate marketing channel fit the criteria for Verb’s growth efforts.

For Verb, instituting an affiliate marketing program created a community where affiliates, influencers, content creators, and hairstylists could join a program dedicated to sharing brand love. Through Verb Friends, Verb’s affiliate program, affiliates and influencers earn exclusive VIP access to new products and receive commissions on product sales. However, the Verb team quickly found themselves navigating manual processes, wasting time on complicated reporting, and lacking the ability to drive program growth. Ultimately, Verb’s initial attempt at scaling their affiliate marketing network fell short without the assistance of a dedicated affiliate marketing platform.

“Before Refersion, we did everything manually in Word Docs, Excel Sheets, and Shopify. Things would get lost through the cracks with so many different channels, lists, and manual handling of the program.”

Ana Montilla, Social Media and Influencer Marketing Manager at Verb

Verb recognized working with an affiliate marketing platform would eliminate time spent on manual management, provide valuable and accurate data insights, as well as help scale their revenue to previously unattainable levels. Enter, Refersion.

Performance, Payments, and Growth Simplified

In 2019, Verb partnered with Refersion for support with the growth, management, and automation of their affiliate marketing program. Thanks to Refersion’s seamless integration with Shopify, Verb’s ecommerce platform, the Verb team receives access to accurate tracking and reporting on key performance indicators like website visits, affiliate links, conversion rates, and affiliate-driven revenue. With Refersion’s data reporting capabilities at their fingertips, Verb has experienced immediate growth in conversion rates, built better relationships with influencers, and established their niche in the hair care industry.

Through Refersion’s user-friendly platform, Verb Friends receive affiliate logins, custom links, promo codes, and access to account details in one simple interface. Aside from ease of account management, both Verb and Verb Friends benefit from the payment capabilities provided by their partnership with Refersion. Refersion’s payment technology empowers Verb to compensate affiliate monthly commissions directly through PayPal, a feature that cultivates trusted relationships with Verb Friends and motivates them to drive more sales.

By offering their affiliates consistent payments through Refersion, Verb has captured the attention of top-tier affiliates and influencers who want to promote their hair care products. Refersion’s automation and management tools equip the Verb team with more time to support these VIP affiliates by creating unique promo codes, offering extra commission on specific product SKUs, and establishing individual sales goals.

“Refersion helped support the quick growth of the program, set up payments that made sense for our affiliates, give affiliates visibility on their performance, and provided analytics and reporting for us to set goals and improvements.”

Ana Montilla, Social Media and Influencer Marketing Manager at Verb
Scale Beyond the Scope of Imagination

With the help of Refersion’s affiliate marketing technology, Verb Friends now functions on a platform where both the Verb brand and their affiliates reap the benefits of a thriving affiliate marketing program. Almost five years after the inception of Verb and Refersion’s partnership, Verb’s yearly affiliate-driven revenue has expanded from an average of $2K to almost $700K.

Since partnering in 2019, Refersion’s affiliate marketing platform helped Verb achieve:

  • $1.8M in affiliate-driven revenue to date
  • 2,000+ affiliate registrations
  • 32K+ conversions

As their program continues to grow, Verb plans to integrate content creation elements and broaden communication channels to inspire creativity and improve transparency with affiliates. “Refersion has made it easier to see what works and what doesn’t when it comes to our evolving program,” shared Ana Montilla, Social Media and Influencer Marketing Manager at Verb. “Now with Refersion, we can see everything in one place and scale it beyond what we imagined it would grow to be.”

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