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Case Study

DryEye Rescue

February 23, 2024

DryEye Rescue, dedicated to providing a diverse range of solutions for individuals suffering from dry eye syndrome, launched and grew its affiliate program with Refersion’s affiliate management platform.

IndustryHealth & Personal Care
Ecommerce PlatformShopify Plus!
Increase in monthly revenue from affiliates750%
Increase in affiliate-driven revenue117%

DryEye Rescue, founded by Dr. Aaron Evans and Thiago Pinheiro, is an e-commerce platform dedicated to providing a diverse range of solutions for individuals suffering from dry eye syndrome. They offer a seamless and user-friendly online experience, granting customers easy access to a comprehensive selection of dry eye remedies.

Affiliate Program and Partnership Approach

Recognizing the potential of affiliate marketing, DryEye Rescue launched an affiliate program, where they approached affiliates more as partners and distributors, going beyond the conventional affiliate model. The primary goal was to incentivize doctors to recommend DryEye Rescue’s online store to their patients, providing them with the right products to effectively manage dry eye conditions.

The strategy focused on establishing mutually beneficial relationships with healthcare professionals, obtaining inventory from them, and providing additional benefits. The initial emphasis was on building a network of wholesale customers in anticipation of the growing dry eye market, projected to reach an $8 billion valuation by 2028.

Why Refersion

To help them build a system to manage their affiliates, DryEye Rescue worked with Sobefy, an ecommerce and development agency. Sobefy eCommerce’s Managing Director, Oscar Diaz, considered a variety of criteria when selecting an affiliate marketing management platform including: capabilities, tracking methods, integrations, APIs, and pricing. Although familiar with other platforms, he ultimately chose to work with Refersion because Refersion not only checked the boxes on all the criteria but also shared a commitment to fostering a lasting partnership.

Reliable Tracking

Effective tracking was identified as a critical component of the affiliate program. Upon evaluating various platforms, DryEye Rescue concluded that Refersion offered the most dependable tracking features. Oscar Diaz said:

“Not only is Refersion’s platform highly intuitive to use, but we’ve experienced consistently reliable tracking on both our end and for our affiliates. Over the three years we’ve been using Refersion, our affiliates have encountered minimal to no tracking issues, further strengthening our relationships with them.”

Easy Integration

In addition, DryEye Rescue has been custom building their tech stack and Refersion’s APIs made it easy for them to track conversions not only on their websites but also on their mobile app stores and in the near future, via their product displays. 

In the time DryEye Rescue has been working with Refersion, the brand has achieved the following:

  • Over the last 12 months, their affiliate network has grown 85%
  • Over the last 12 months, affiliate-driven revenue has increased 117%
  • Over the last 3 years, monthly revenue from affiliates increased by 750%

Results and Future Plans:

Thanks to the strategic approach of treating affiliates as partners, Dry Eye Rescue has achieved success with its affiliate program. The company plans to continue improving its technology stack and refining advertising strategies to capitalize on the growing dry eye market. The partnership with Refersion remains strong, highlighting the importance of stability and reliability in affiliate marketing endeavors.

In summary, Dry Eye Rescue’s case study highlights the success of a strategically developed affiliate program. It underscores the importance of selecting an appropriate platform and building enduring partnerships, which are key to achieving lasting success in the e-commerce industry.

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