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The benefits of a white label affiliate marketing solution

Last Modified: January 31, 2023


I’ve been involved in affiliate marketing most of my professional career.

Not too long after graduating from college, I became a fashion influencer and launched my own blog focused on the designer shoe industry.

In addition to building my own brand, I’ve managed a multitude of affiliates for e-commerce brands, optimized publishers and affiliate partners during my employment with several affiliate networks, and launched an American expanded marketing strategy for an international ophthalmic brand.

I’m enthusiastic about marketing, specifically helping large brand retailers develop a performance-based affiliate marketing strategy.

Currently, I work with global brands, agencies, and other SAAS partners for Refersion.

One of the strongest ways to continue growing and building a successful referral program is to create a custom brand experience from beginning to end. Having a centralized area directly from the merchant website keeps brand alignment, focus, and loyalty.

Refersion believes that customers are the strongest micro influencers, which also means they’re not professional affiliates. The marketing, messaging, and referral program experience should be uniquely tailored to them. This is possible by designing a full white label experience.

The Benefit of Going White Label

Businesses that use Refersion to run their affiliate marketing program love it for its ease of use and growth potential (don’t take my word for it, check out the reviews), but as they grow, some companies would prefer not to play their hand when facing both their customers and affiliates.

Of course, we get it. When your business is, or is approaching, enterprise-level, you don’t want to feature any other company’s logo and branding next to your own. Not only might it not look professional and polished, but it could confuse users if they expect your brand to be all-encompassing. Not many big businesses have “Powered by WordPress” at the bottom of their homepage, and we’ll be the first to admit that Refersion also uses some white label software solutions (but we’ll never tell).

Thus one of the main benefits of going white label with Refersion is that all instances of our brand will be scrubbed from any outward-facing page, both to reps and potential reps. From the footer to registration pages, to login pages; our own branding will be gone and replaced with your company’s own branding and language.

This allows for businesses to control their own branding across their affiliate, referral, or rewards programs to build more brand credibility. It also serves to strengthen influencer/ambassador loyalty and allows for easier navigation because certain sections of the affiliate process can be routed to a subdomain or domain of your choice including:

  • affiliate login
  • affiliate registration page
  • affiliate dashboard

Now your influencers and affiliates traffic will stay on your branded website or portal for all of their activity, which is often critical to a brand’s acquisition and growth strategy.

Who Can White Label with Refersion?

Refersion’s white labeling option is available for the Enterprise-level plan. If you haven’t upgraded to this level yet, there are a host of other benefits at this tier besides being able to white label, including:

  • tracking unlimited affiliate orders
  • multi-shop support
  • customer development
  • higher level of customer support

Contact us to get started with the white label process, or to upgrade to our Enterprise plan. Oddly, we’d be thrilled to help you scrub us off your website.

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Ashley Spiker
Ashley Spiker