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Unlocking BFCM Success: How Refersion Helped Brands to $26.M+ in Affiliate Revenue

Last Modified: December 7, 2023

Another year, another record broken. Black Friday and Cyber Monday kicked off the holiday shopping season with a bang. This year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday saw the highest revenue numbers in history. Adobe Analytics reported a record $9.8 billion in Black Friday online sales, up 7.5% from 2022, not accounting for inflation. And for Cyber Monday, the numbers were even stronger — consumers spent $12.4 billion, a 9.6% increase from 2022.

Refersion Stands Out

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales starting even earlier this year, Refersion saw more than 26,700,000 in affiliate-driven conversions throughout the week of Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday.  

It doesn’t stop there; eCommerce brands using Refersion to manage their affiliate marketing programs saw incredible results throughout this period; here are some of the highlights.

$26,700,000+  Affiliate-Driven Revenue
$3,700,000+ Affiliate Commission
2,400,000+ Affiliate Clicks
199,000+ Affiliate Conversions
$126 for AOV 

The Affiliate Marketing Advantage

For eCommerce brands, the cost to advertise using traditional pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on Google is rising while conversion rates are dropping. This trend reduces profits for eCommerce brands that want to take advantage of the holiday shopping season and beyond. 

Affiliate marketing is one of the most efficient ways to drive traffic and sales for eCommerce brands because, unlike traditional PPC campaigns, you only pay a commission to an affiliate, influencer, or brand ambassador when they drive a sale. Refersion has found that brands can see a 5X return on investment (ROI) with affiliate marketing vs PPC. 

Affiliate marketing also generates about 30% of the revenues from digital marketing channels and keeps pace with popular channels like email, social media, and paid search. 

Make Affiliate Marketing Work For You

Whether you already have an affiliate program or you are just getting started, you need a system to track sales, automate payments, control commissions, and verify onboarding with ease. And, most importantly, recruit the best of the best to help you promote your product.

Refersion’s affiliate marketing platform gives you the controls and the data you need to adjust your strategy to help you get the most out of your program.

Sign up to attend a live demo to see Refersion in action and get your questions answered. 

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