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The Same Refersion You Know and Love – With an Updated Look

March 29, 2022

Ecommerce marketing doesn’t look the same anymore, and neither do we.

As more ecommerce brands diversify away from traditional paid media marketing and towards modern low-risk, high-reward strategies, Refersion’s seamless affiliate platform experience and innovative product offerings provide an end-to-end solution for the expanding performance marketing sphere. In order to adapt alongside our changing environment, Refersion revealed a new visual identity that echoes its core values.

To further unpack the inspiration and intention behind Refersion’s updated look, we sat down with Brandon Rowe, Director of Brand Marketing. 

What factors contributed to the timing of Refersion’s brand refresh?

We had the opportunity to reflect on our product direction, its core values, and were we authentic in how we were showing up in the market. Several different factors brought about our decision, but COVID-19 and the evolution of increased privacy policies were the main catalysts that initiated our industry shift and caused variations in the traditional marketing strategy. When merchants turned to ecommerce at the beginning of the pandemic, the paid media market was flooded with advertisements from competing brands. To no one’s surprise, the ecommerce consumer experienced ad fatigue, which increased spend, costs, and ultimately drove shoppers to become disengaged with traditional advertising methods. 

With Refersion’s first-party data tracking unphased by the privacy changes, we became an ideal affiliate marketing solution for brands seeking a high-converting, alternative strategy for their paid marketing efforts and a reputable method for attribution and first-party tracking. 

In a similar vein, new shopping demographics like Gen Z want personalized experiences when it comes to marketing, and defer to trusted and organic sources of information from individuals like affiliates, influencers and ambassadors before they convert. As a result, Refersion’s platform and product offering was poised to offer the solution for our industry, brands, and shoppers’ requirements.

How are Refersion’s core values embodied in the updated branding?

In all that we do, our product has to authentically reflect who we are and what we do. With more entrants – new competitors, new customer brands, new strategic approaches – entering the performance marketing space every day, we wanted our visual identity  to represent the value of what we offer not only in our technology, but more importantly showcasing the employees behind it.  Much of the site photography exhibits our core values in the moments that have been captured, like:

  • Communicating with candor: We’re not afraid to ask hard questions respectfully or to hold others accountable for their words and actions.
  • Demonstrating grit: Adversity is inevitable. We embody resilience and optimism in all that we do.
  • Having humility: We are respectful, truthful, and confident, but never arrogant.
  • Disagreeing & committing: We express our ideas no matter who is opposing them, but move forward positively & collaboratively when a decision is made.

What are you trying to achieve with Refersion’s new identity?

We challenged ourselves to:

  • Modernize our identity to reflect our values
  • Showcase our amazing culture 
  • Drive better awareness of Refersion
  • Position us for the hyper growth needs of our customers

Our values drove our identity, both visually and verbally. It was essential to show actual employees and demonstrate our class-leading capabilities in an easy-to-understand manner. We’ve been privileged to have our teammates lean in heavily as part of our rebrand, lending themselves to be featured as part of the creative process in our photography and sharing their career experiences. The words we use on every page need to be clear, confidence-driving information no matter the stage of their performance marketing program. 

What can we anticipate to see from Refersion as we push further into 2022 and beyond?

Expect to see a continued investment in industry-leading solutions that solve for the problems our customers’ face from Refersion in 2022 and the years to follow. This rebrand is just the first stepping stone to all the exciting opportunities we have coming down the pike. Customers and partners of Refersion can anticipate new product offerings, collaborations on content, webinars, and events, and much more. As we continue to expand our network and trail-blaze the world of performance marketing, our ultimate goal is to facilitate the same growth potential for our customers and partners. 

After much hard work from the Refersion team over the past year, we’re delighted to finally share this rebrand with you and how our technology platform powers performance marketing for ecommerce brands. 

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