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Client Spotlight: Terapeak

Last Modified: January 31, 2023


Selling one thing online through eBay or Amazon is pretty easy. Scale that up by hundreds or even thousands of items; that’s a different story. That’s where Terapeak comes in, helping businesses and individuals sell and track sales better and easier. We chatted with Marco Alvarez, the Director of International and Partner Marketing for Terapeak, about what they do and how they grow with Refersion.

So tell us about what Terapeak does.

Basically, we optimize ecommerce by connecting buyers and sellers. Terapeak offers sellers the ability to measure their performance on eBay, Shopify and Amazon platforms and do research on up to three years of closed listings for 22 global eBay sites. All this information allows our customers to sell better and make better listing and sourcing decisions.

Our goal is to help both new and established sellers in the e-commerce space to scale up, and get bigger and better by helping them look at their active inventory and competition.


What sets Terapeak apart from your competition?

Well we’ve been around since 2004. We have offices in Toronto and Victoria. We’ve been finalists for the American Business Awards, and won the eBay Star Developer award in Germany. We analyze more than $75 billion dollars in annual GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) to provide marketplace intelligence to online sellers. So, these set us apart and give confidence to our customers.


What brought you guys to Refersion?

After working with CJ (Commission Junction) for many years, I came to realize that many newcomers to the affiliate environment were experiencing challenges working within a large affiliate platform. Well established content publishers and super affiliates do well in a larger platform, and in order to grow our program it was time to add another platform, and that is what brought us to Refersion.

It’s flexible, was quick to implement, is low-impact, and an easy-to-share platform that helps us grow the affiliate program in a more organic way. CJ seems to be very strict and complicated for small affiliates, especially those working mainly in social media. Some affiliates have had a really hard time finding tracking links and learning how to use them.

Refersion gives us full control over the platform and simplifies the use of tracking links. For example, with Refersion I am even able to login as a new affiliate who has no experience generating tracking links and provide his/her links to share and start generating leads in no time.


How has your experience with Refersion been?

Very positive. I’m very involved with the platform and whenever I provided feedback, the customer support has been great.

When first integrating Refersion, I was able to work with your founder (Alex) fairly regularly as opposed to an account manager, and this helped us ensure a quick and successful release.

Refersion is a great platform. Having the ability to change pricing and getting commissions adjusted by the platform without us having to make any changes to the integration or the offers is an example of how flexible it really is.

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