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Use Shopify Shareable Discount Links with Your Refersion Affiliates

Last Modified: January 31, 2023


If you use Shopify for your ecommerce, you’re probably familiar with creating shareable discount links. It’s a great way to offer discounts to customers without the hassle of applying coupon codes at checkout; it’s built right into the link itself.

Here’s a great trick on the Refersion side: you can set those discount links on individual affiliates, so that their affiliate link will always carry that Shopify discount. Here’s how it works.

First, create the shareable discount link in Shopify:

Shopify account

Next, log into Refersion and head to Account Settings and click on the affiliate partner you want to apply the link to. On the next screen, you just need to append “/discount/XYZ” to the Default Domain. In this example, the XYZ is JOHNTYLER10.

Log In Shopify

Save changes, and you’re all set! Now John Tyler will have that Shopify discount on all of his referrals.

You can even choose to set the shareable discount universally, across all your Refersion affiliates. Your Refersion reps will be able to set this on the back-end (you’ll need to contact them for this option), and then you’ll be able to use a single Shopify shareable link with all your affiliates:


As you can see, the above is a different affiliate, but still uses the JOHNTYLER10 discount. If you have many reps, and would like to append a single Shopify link across them all, we can make it happen.

Pro tip: this can be used to split a commission in certain cases. For example, if the discount is a conversion trigger for one affiliate, but the link itself is used by a different affiliate, both would receive a commission for a single transaction. Again, this is optional and only if you employ a conversion trigger to act in this way. If you do, a single sale via the shareable link will create two commissions:


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Ruthie Carey
Ruthie Carey