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Refersion + Uscreen: An Affiliate Marketing Solution for Your On-Demand Content

Last Modified: January 31, 2023

You have many different options when it comes to integrating apps and services with your eCommerce site. You want what works, and that’s why Refersion is always looking to partner with the best in the business. We choose the highest-performing apps, partner agencies, and platforms to boost the performance of your eCommerce store.

What is Uscreen?

It’s a necessity if you produce video content and want to monetize it. Uscreen is an all-in-one video monetization platform that offers you a way to distribute and monetize on-demand content through your own branded streaming site or apps. Uscreen lets you offer subscription models, in-app purchases, pay-per-view, trial subscriptions, and so much more.

How does it work?

Set up your account on Uscreen and pay a flat monthly fee based on the services you require. Create your own free streaming website with Uscreen’s platform and customize each page to reflect your brand. You can start small with the basic package and upgrade when needed. Uscreen doesn’t charge you percentages or take any of your revenue.

Uscreen provides the best video streaming quality in full-HD across mobile, desktop, and online TV platforms. You can easily launch your own OTT branded apps and provide your content in-app on both iOS and Android, over FireTV, Roku, AppleTV, and AndroidTV, and smartTV and web browsers.

Their online player is fast, reliable and uses HTML5 coding with support for Chromecast. You don’t need any coding experience to set up your site. Uscreen provides best-in-class cross-platform streaming in full HD video quality. Stable, reliable content delivery comes with full support for VTT captions and screen readers. Your customers can always resume playback where they left off, and continue their viewing experience from a different device.

Live Streaming

Stream live to your subscribers. Offer the viewing experience as a one-time purchase, as part of your subscription or a bundle, or set it up as a rental. The choice is yours. Build anticipation with a live event countdown and offer pre-registry to capitalize on the excitement. Use go-live notifications and emails to alert your subscribers when the event begins. You will be able to stream high-definition video through Uscreen’s adaptive-bitrate CDN that provides the best possible quality, no matter the bandwidth or location of the internet connection. After the stream ends, your video recording is instantly available for on-demand purchase.

Own your brand

All of your content is yours. Uscreen doesn’t put their logo anywhere on your app, site, or content. They don’t charge extra for coding, and there are no bandwidth restrictions. You own and retain all of your customer data including payment info and billing addresses. All payments go directly to you, and you can accept payments through Stripe, Paypal, or Uscreen’s payment gateway, and accept all major credit cards directly.

Integration with Refersion

Drive followers to your site by pairing Uscreen with Refersion. Our seamless integration means that you can work with affiliates to gain subscribers, and easily keep track of who earned the commission. With your Uscreen account, you can add Referison API tracking, instantly opening the door to referral programs and affiliate marketing. Refersion makes handling and paying your affiliates easy, and it’s fully compatible with Stripe, PayPal, and Uscreen’s payment gateway.

Launching your own streaming service has never been so easy. With Uscreen and Refersion, the possibilities are endless.

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