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Refersion + SmarterChaos: Launch a successful digital marketing campaign

Last Modified: January 31, 2023

Digital marketing is a full-time job. Between testing new advertisements, sifting through analytics, and putting together paid social media posts, it’s a lot of work. Plus, when you’re spending most of your time helping your customers and improving your product, it can be challenging to keep up with marketing. That’s why we recommend agencies like SmarterChaos to give you that extra boost where you need it.

What is SmarterChaos?

SmarterChaos takes the chaos of digital marketing and turns it into a strategic solution for each client. Beginning in 2010, they have developed more than 300 lucrative customer acquisition platforms. This makes them an industry leader in digital marketing for big brands and even your mom and pop shops that are just starting out. Their team has more than 20 years of experience in Affiliate Marketing, CPA Lead Generation, Influencer Marketing, SEO, Mobile Marketing and more. SmarterChaos has a full circle hands-on approach to growing your business through individualized targeted marketing tactics.

They specialize in building profitable performance marketing channels for merchants looking to drive their profit up. Since they started in 2010, SmarterChaos has grown over 300 profitable customer acquisition programs for their clients, including men’s grooming brand, Manscaped. Manscaped’s main goal was to start an affiliate program and get it running quickly and efficiently. After some research, they decided to partner with SmarterChaos.

SmarterChaos came up with a marketing strategy that fit Manscaped’s needs. Using a combination of marketing channels to promote their new affiliate program, Manscaped began to see results. In the first 30 days, Manscaped saw a conversion rate of 28%. And even nearly a year later, Manscaped continued to grow. In August 2018, they brought in over $110,000 in revenue.

How will this partnership help me grow my business?

With their expert knowledge of media channels and advertising, SmarterChaos can help you get the best ROI possible for your brand too. With their a la carte menu of customer acquisition strategies, including but not limited to affiliate marketing, CPA lead generation, paid social media, paid search, influencer marketing, and mobile marketing, their team will build you a marketing campaign that works for your business and unique needs.

Longevity in the digital space doesn’t just come with knowledge. SmarterChaos has made a lot of friends too. With access to over 23,000 vetted advertising affiliates, SmarterChaos has built a strong network that will help support your marketing campaign and ensure your brand is in the right places online.

Advertising channels are constantly changing and the experts at SmarterChaos keep their fingers on the pulse of digital marketing trends. With SmarterChaos, you won’t miss any opportunity to grow your business. And with the right tools, you’ll get the most out of your marketing budget.

Work with SmarterChaos today!

We recommend SmarterChaos for any merchant big or small. If you’ve been considering an affiliate or influencer marketing program, SmarterChaos will help you get started. Ready to take that next step to up your marketing and improve your sales? Give SmarterChaos a try.

Working with SmarterChaos is easy! Send us a message, and one of their representatives will reach out to you for more information.

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