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Getting Acquainted with the Refersion Platform: Everything You Need to Know

Last Modified: January 31, 2023

Performance-based marketing is one of the most powerful modes of modern marketing, used by over half of all marketers and ranked as one of the channels with the highest return on investment (ROI) across the customer journey. Refersion is an affiliate marketing software that aims to help companies small and large tap into the limitless potential of this channel by providing a user-friendly platform that lets them analyze and manage their affiliate programs with minimal time or effort.

Here are the three main ways Refersion helps you build and maintain a lean, conversion-boosting program that basically runs itself:

  • Manage — From partnering you with the right representatives to handling commission calculations and affiliate payment, Refersion takes care of the management for you. We also help you create affiliate offers, registration pages, coupon codes, embeddable ads, and more.
  • Pay — You can pay your affiliates using one of three options — integration with PayPal, sending a gift card via e-mail, or using the manual option by paying the affiliate outside of Refersion with a check or direct deposit. Let us help you develop a fair, attractive commission structure that catches the attention of top affiliates.
  • Analyze — Refersion is uniquely designed to track and monitor which affiliates are responsible for driving which sales. This way, you can constantly adjust and optimize your program so it’s best working for you.

How to Get Started with Refersion

First things first:  affiliate marketing 101. Before you launch your first campaign, make sure you know the basics of affiliate marketing, understanding common mistakesuseful affiliate marketing KPIs, and how to attract new affiliates. Here are the next steps to take once you’ve mastered the ABCs:

  1. Connect Refersion with Your Store — The first thing you need to do to kickstart your affiliate journey is to connect Refersion with your eCommerce store. We seamlessly integrate with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Chargebee, BigCommerce, and our own API integration, which takes just a few minutes to set up. You can also sync popular tools like Klaviyo, ReCharge, and Stripe.
  2. Create an Offer — Now it’s time to throw your hat in the ring! Refersion allows you to implement three different commission structures — percentage of sale, flat rate, and tiered — to appeal to a wide variety of affiliates and to suit your specific campaign goals. You’ll also set your cookie day — the length of time a visitor has to purchase after clicking the link in order to credit the affiliate — which is usually around 30 days but can go as long as two years.
  3. Invite Your Affiliates — Once you’ve got your offer squared away, it’s time to invite affiliates. We make this process easy by providing you with a unique share URL, which you can e-mail to your affiliates or embed as a form on your website. You can also use our excellent affiliate recruitment tools to discover brand-new affiliates and find opportunities that closely align with your marketing goals.
  4. Track Your Conversions — Throughout the process, you’ll be able to track your data via certain conversion triggers, including links, coupon codes, and e-mails. Each affiliate has its own unique link with your domain, followed by the affiliate’s tracking parameters, which is used to track where visitors are coming from. Credit can also be issued when the affiliate’s unique coupon code is used or when they click from e-mail or through one of our embeddable banner ads.

Let Us Help Make Your Program a Success

As you can see, there’s no simpler or more effective way to get started with affiliate marketing than by implementing a tracking and management software such as Refersion. For an in-depth introduction to our platform, sign up for our live Getting Started Webinar, which takes place every other Thursday at 2 p.m. EST. We’d be more than happy to help you set up shop with our software.

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