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All About Octi: How Affiliate Marketers Might Interact with This Augmented Reality App

Last Modified: January 31, 2023


Social media is changing the way we interact with the world around us, from creating friendships around the world to learning about breaking news within seconds. Technology is rapidly evolving, and it’s making it easier than ever to alter our views of reality, learning more about the world beyond our personal region — street, city, and state.

But our realities are shifting more than through perceptions on politics, lifestyles, beliefs and more. Augmented reality (AR) is truly changing the way we look at the world, imparting seemingly realistic features that make it difficult to discern between the physical and digital realm. A newfound (AR) app, Octi, has created a social network that connects people through the implementation of VR features.

Affiliate marketers should keep Octi on their radar in upcoming months, all while considering its addition to their existing affiliate network. When paired with your affiliate marketing software, it is sure to increase brand engagement, keeping people coming back to your business while increasing brand awareness. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Octi tick and why you should remain mindful of its name.

What Is Octi?

Octi is a new social networking app that utilizes AR technology to connect friends in real life, incorporating digital content to make personalized videos. By recognizing the human body and its movement, the app is able to pair features directly with the person acting in the frame. Recent investments in the startup have amounted to  over $12 million from investors, including Live Nation, Anheuser-Busch InBev, and many others, leading many to expect more growth to come over the rest of the calendar year.

How Octi Works

Octi’s complicated and sophisticated machine learning technology has made it easy for the app to work around human subjects. By detecting specific human features, from eyes to hip placement, you can capture friends in videos and especially create videos with effects placed on and around their bodies. When detected by the app, you can directly send a friend request to the face of a friend captured in a video. If accepted, you’ll see their profile projected around them, from their favorite songs on Spotify to videos they’ve liked on YouTube.

Think of it like Pokemon Go: Digital creations are placed into your reality thanks to the advanced technology of AR. Overall, Octi aims to increase face-to-face interactions, thanks to AR capabilities, helping people move beyond the digital sphere.

An In-Person VR Experience

While friends’ profiles can be viewed at any time within the app, Octi works to make face-to-face interactions as fun as possible, utilizing AR technology to improve in-person social interactions. While using our phones to excitedly create augmented realities around us, the app aims to allow people to live in the present, enjoying their friends in real-time rather than messaging solely online.

What We Can Expect to Come

Developers are hoping to expand Octi into a WeChat-like platform that will expand relative social tools, thus increasing possibilities for social interaction. With the added investments, we should expect the AR capabilities to greatly expand, making the app even more efficient than it already is. The primary downside of the app is the little that is known for coming growth, but there are expectations that can be made for the near future. For affiliate marketers, it spells good news to come.

Using Octi as Part of Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Looking to expand the way your company approaches your affiliate marketing strategy? Introducing Octi into your business’s strategy might be a smart idea.

Mixed with the inherent social capabilities of the app, where you can directly interact with profile friends, the VR capabilities of this app make it useful for implementation. While you can only rely on close friends to grow the capabilities of your affiliate network at this time, the capabilities of this app are expected to grow by leaps and bounds throughout 2020. The features of this app should continue to shape into a popular platform that will make it easier than ever to reach out to users in a unique and insightful way.

When creating your business’s affiliate marketing strategy, it’s a smart idea to explore numerous avenues to create a successful multi-channel approach. Consider adding some different social media apps to your 

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