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How Multichannel Influencer Campaign Benefits Cosmetic Brands

Last Modified: February 16, 2023

How Multichannel Influencer Campaigns Can Benefit Cosmetic Brands

As the number of Americans using social media continues to climb, it’s no wonder that a brand’s success can hinge on a successful online marketing campaign. But advertising on social media is more than just banner ads on Facebook. For the best results, you should collaborate with trusted influencers and develop a multichannel approach.

The Value of Multichannel Campaigns

One of the often-repeated marketing rules is that a potential customer needs to see or hear a brand’s message a minimum of seven times before committing to a purchase. But it’s not only the number of times the customer sees a message that matters.

As media users, we tend to switch back and forth between platforms with great frequency, so brands have a much better chance of getting noticed by their target audience if they post on various channels. Working with influencers on an affiliate marketing strategy is an excellent way to go about this. One reason for this is the sheer volume of content the average user comes across every day. For your campaign to stand out from the crowd enough for your customer to make a purchase, they need to feel familiar with it.

Use Each Platform to Your Advantage

Having access to various platforms to reach your target audience allows you to show different sides of your brand. Each social media platform has its own purpose and personality. Instagram, for example, is all about aesthetics, while TikTok is focused on fun.

A cosmetic brand can use an Instagram feed advert to show stunning shots of their product in use and can even utilize the caption to go into detail about their product or promotional offer. However, the same cosmetic company advertising on TikTok can show their brand’s personality through a humorous video. Making the most of these platforms gives your prospective customers a well-rounded view of your brand, making them more likely to engage with your products in the future.

How Can Influencers Help Your Cosmetic Brand?

The relationship between brands and influencers has revolutionized marketing, and nowhere is this more keenly felt than in the cosmetic industry. Developing an Instagram affiliate marketing program could be a game-changer for your company. Let’s take a look at how collaborating with influencers helps cosmetic brands:

  • Access to Followers
    If your brand appears in an influencer’s content, it is guaranteed to be seen by their larger following.
  • Consumers Trust Influencers
    A consumer is much more likely to buy a product after getting a recommendation from someone they feel they know than from a commercial. This is particularly true for cosmetics brands, as savvy customers can be suspicious of advertising campaigns, wondering if Photoshop has been used. These days, we’re as likely to get recommendations from influencers as our friends and family.
  • Improves Brand Awareness
    By appearing in an influencer’s posts, you introduce more people to your cosmetic brand. Depending on the type of collaboration, they will also get to see more of your product than traditional advertising campaigns usually show. A video of the influencer using the product and describing their reaction to it gives the audience a clearer vision of how it works and feels.
  • Makes Your Products Relevant
    Cosmetic consumers want to see makeup and skincare products being used on people who look like them and that they can relate to. By working with a range of influencers of different makeup styles, skin tones, and skin issues, your audience can see how your products could work for them.
  • Diversifies Your Content
    The more platforms and styles of content your products are seen on, the better, and working with influencers is a natural way to diversify your content. For example, if you don’t produce how-to videos yourself, get a makeup influencer known for their how-to videos to use your products.

Ensure Influencers Post over Multiple Channels

To get the best results from your online advertising campaign, you should combine the strategies of multichannel content and influencer collaborations. This means that your influencer partners should post over multiple platforms.

Their content should be fresh, and it’s a good idea to ask them to use the product in different ways — for example, in a makeover video on YouTube and a beauty shot on Instagram. When working with an influencer, be specific about the type of content you need, but allow them to do it in their own style because that’s what their followers love.

Use Social Media Platforms to Connect with Your Customers

With so many social media platforms around, there is enormous potential for your cosmetic products to reach your target audience, but it’s crucial you don’t limit yourself to one platform or one advertising style. Collaborating with popular influencers can be vital to developing a good reputation and connecting with new audiences, so reach out and build relationships with influencers today.

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