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How LittleData Goes a Long Way For Ecommerce

Last Modified: January 31, 2023

We were fortunate enough to chat with Ari Messer, co-founder and CMO of Littledata, about how merchants and e-commerce business owners can leverage better data to make better decisions.

You call Littledata the “Google Analytics Toolbox.” What does that mean?

The first thing that we do is connect all your sources of data so that you can distill and summarize your metrics. For Refersion users, we can connect your Refersion data with Google Analytics, along with your Shopify or BigCommerce data and other apps and platforms you might use, like Facebook Ads.

We can also automatically fix your tracking if something breaks. In fact, Littledata comes with an audit for your analytics setup. If you’re familiar with SEO audits, it’s like that but our analytics audit will check to make sure everything is being tracked correctly whether it’s your marketing campaigns or your check out process.

With a few clicks, you’ll start to see specific and easy-to-read data in Google Analytics that are from each source:


What’s a real-world example of an area of e-commerce data that most companies don’t understand well, or don’t have optimized?

I think most companies have difficulty getting really specific and granular with their data. Here’s an example that might resonate with Refersion customers: it’s often hard to know exactly which product types or product groups are actually converting more than others in your campaign. And not just from your other products, but also in your business vertical as a whole.

Doing your affiliate marketing through Refersion can drive a ton of traffic, and we see that first-hand in our data. Over the last month, Refersion drove 750,000 visits to the e-commerce stores we work with; and the largest store gets 60% of their overall web traffic from the Refersion network.

So we’re all about helping you get specific with this type of data, to see which product pages these visits are going to, and how it compares to industry standards.

How do you compare a store’s data to industry standards?

Littledata has access to over 13,000 websites so Refersion customers can see how they compare with benchmarks in engagement, marketing, site speed, etc.


And we give you access to reports that show you the metrics and benchmarks you’re most interested in seeing, not just with other Refersion users, but for shops that use Shopify in general. We can help answer what the average conversion rate for Shopify stores are, for example.

How actionable is all this insight into a store’s data?

Very actionable. You can see immediately in what areas your store is falling behind your industry peers. So you can easily triage what to address first, and what can be optimized a bit down the line. We make our visualizations really easy to understand and digest for our customers.


Thanks Ari! For more information on Littledata, visit their site or Shopify plugin. Or contact us today if you want to learn more about Refersion’s integration.

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