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Client Spotlight: Kindness & Co.

Last Modified: January 31, 2023

We’re not sure if you’ve cracked open a news site recently, but the world isn’t the happiest place right now. Luckily there are people like Jesse Weinberg trying to spread a little more goodwill through Kindness & Co. We got a chance to speak with Jesse about how his company spreads kindness and how he uses Refersion to grow.

What’s the story behind Kindness & Co.?

I’ve always been fascinated with the theme of kindness and the power it has to transform someone’s day, week, or life; and how minimal an effort it can take sometimes. I’ve always thought about it and researched it, so I wanted to create a product that would allow a reminder in our day-to-day life to do these simple acts of kindness for the good of humanity.

kindess & co

I run a digital marketing agency as my full time job, but this is my passion project. I have big plans for this and there have been exciting things happening with Kindness & Co. Big brands have reached out for collaborations, and there is interest in bringing this concept to bigger applications.

For example, one company used this as corporate gifts for team members. I’m seeing organizations that are seeking ways to improve their company culture and workplace environment, and this is a really cool way to do that. It provides team members with an opportunity to get to know coworkers and do something nice for them. It’s different and a unique, personal alternative to your standard iTunes or Starbucks gift card.

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Are there any good kindness stories you can share?

We have a great feedback mechanism on the site where you can share a story of kindness, so we’ve received all kinds of awesome stories from people out there doing unique things and kind acts that impact people’s lives. If we think about it, all our lives have been impacted and shaped in some way by kindness.

One woman received a $20 Kindness card and used that to buy garbage bags and organized a beach clean up. I believe over fifty people showed up to clean over two miles of coastline.

In the kits, we include interesting ideas to encourage creativity. For example, buy copies of your favorite book with a note about why it inspired you, and leave them in public. Someone did this and included their email in the books and received back incredible emails from the people who found and read them. If you want more, we have a newsletter that does nothing but share stories of good news and kindness.

What brought you to Refersion?

I wanted to get Kindness & Co. out to a bigger pool of people, but on a limited marketing budget. Since this is a good-news product, it made sense to explore using an affiliate program. I discovered Refersion to be simple to implement and to put into execution.

kindness & co refersion

How has your experience with Refersion been?

When I find someone interested in sharing the product, it’s super easy to create a custom code for them and get them on-board. Then I just let the software do the work. Our product not only makes this world a better place, it’s also a great revenue generator for our affiliate partners.

Refersion is intuitive and user-friendly, and it’s simple for both ends [me and the affiliate partner]. For someone who has never done affiliate marketing before, it’s great.

Thanks Jesse! If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate for Kindness & Co., click here to get started.

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