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6 Instagram Swipe Up Strategies to Unlock More Revenue in 2023

Last Modified: February 8, 2023

Social media platforms know that their users tend to get bored fast. That is why they come up with new features every couple of months to shake things up.

So, what does this have to do with your business?

With new features come new potential marketing strategies. In this post, we will take a closer look at Instagram strategies you can use to boost your traffic and sales.

Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Instagram

Are you working with affiliates? If so, implement these Instagram strategies to boost engagement, clicks, and revenue.

1. Seek Out Nano Influencers and Recommend Swipe-Up Links

In the fall of 2021, Instagram added an important feature. It expanded the ability to share links with more users. Before that, only those with a large number of followers or a verified account could share links. Nowadays, anyone can share a link to their Insta story via the link sticker.

When it comes to affiliates, this slight change is a game-changer. Now you do not have to recruit only those users with large followings. Instead, you can focus on nano influencers. These influencers have higher engagement rates and their followers are more loyal and trust them more. As a result, they are more likely to buy a product recommended by a nano influencer, than a person with a large number of followers.

To efficiently find new influencers, use influencer search tools. You can use tools like CreatorIQ and HypeAuditor to search for Instagram influencers by demographics, follower counts, and other criteria.

On the other hand, you can also take a closer look at your company’s followers. Maybe among them, there is someone influential who would like to promote your products for a commission. If your company does not have a significant Instagram following, you may find it helpful to look at followers of competing brands on Instagram.

Once you find a few influencers to contact, find a way to motivate them. For instance, you can offer them higher commissions for their first 30 days or something else that will encourage them to work with you.

2. Encourage Photo Contests

“I will post this ugly photo on Instagram,” said no one ever. Instagram users post only the best photos from their galleries, often embellished with various filters. So, when they get an opportunity to prove that their photos are better than pictures from other users, they gladly take it.

This is why photo contests are very popular on Instagram. Using such a contest as a marketing strategy is not a new concept. However, it is one that works amazingly well on Instagram. Therefore, you can invite your affiliates to promote a contest where the best photo of a person using your product will be rewarded. This is an excellent way to build interest in your brand before launching a new product or sale.

You can also use the link-sharing functionality to drive traffic to a contest page on your website. For example, ask influencers to invite their followers to visit your website and vote on the best photos.

3. Update Your Brand Guidelines for Instagram

If some influencers want to launch Instagram ads to promote your products, give them specific brand guidelines. This way you will avoid unneeded confusion. You can even create up to five images of your most popular products and permit your affiliates to use them in Instagram ads.

Instagram tip image recommedation ratio

Tip: For the best results on Instagram, take note of the image recommendations. It is best to upload photos that are 1080 pixels in width. In addition, check to see that you have an aspect ratio between 1.91:1 and 4:5. Ask your graphic designer to review images to ensure you have Instagram-friendly files available.

4. Listen to Your Top Instagram Influencers for Ideas

Did you know that there is a way to get fresh marketing ideas with no added cost to your company? Nowadays, Instagram influencers are those who are familiar with the latest trends and know exactly how to get those clicks. Find your affiliates who have generated the most clicks and conversions in the past month. Refersion makes tracking affiliates by clicks, conversions, and commissions easy.

Let them recommend new marketing strategies and they will quickly come up with new campaigns. You can also consider recommending these Instagram approaches to other affiliates you work with. For example, organize a quarterly webinar for affiliates. There you can share tips and screenshots of successful Instagram strategies.

5. Stay Disciplined on Payments

When you have a significant number of Instagram influencers actively promoting your products, you need to find a way to keep them on board. Otherwise, they will lose interest and stop promoting your products.

Imagine you are an up-and-coming Instagram influencer. You’ve just put a lot of effort into an affiliate campaign, and you can see plenty of engagement. If you aren’t paid on time, you might feel discouraged. This scenario is easily preventable when you focus on issuing payments on time.

Keep your influencers engaged by using the following tips:

  • Clearly communicate the commission payment process. If you pay commissions on the first business day of the month, make sure your affiliates know that. Likewise, be clear about your minimums (e.g., must have $50 in commission earned). Every now and then remind the affiliates about your payment schedule to reduce confusion.
  • Equip your team with the right affiliate management tools. Asking your team to manage hundreds of Instagram influencers with nothing but a spreadsheet can be messy. Instead, use Refersion to track affiliate performance and conversions and approve payments.
  • Set internal reminders for payments. Set an internal reminder in advance of your payment deadline. This way you will reduce payment delays. For example, if you plan to issue payments on the 30th of the month, aim to have payments reviewed and ready to pay two to three days in advance. That way, you have the option of paying affiliates ahead of schedule on occasion.

6. Recognize Your Best Instagram Influencers

According to the 80/20 Principle, 80% of sales revenue is typically driven by 20% of sales employees. This could also be the case with your Instagram influencers. A small group of influencers may be responsible for driving most of your commissions.

Use Refersion to identify them. Once you have a list, reach out to thank your affiliates. You might also consider sending a free product, gift card, or another reward to share your appreciation.

The Key To Boosting Affiliate Growth on Instagram

Recent changes to link sharing on Instagram is a game-changer. You might add hundreds or thousands of Instagram users to your affiliate program.

To keep up with that level of growth, try Refersion for free. It is a powerful affiliate management platform that makes it easy to track commissions, issue payments, and keep tabs on your program.

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