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Can Byte Be Used as a Successful Affiliate Marketing Tool?

Last Modified: January 31, 2023


A powerful affiliate marketing strategy requires an adaptable approach — a strategy able to change with the times. While there are market expectations that should be kept in mind while creating your company’s affiliate marketing strategy, there are developments that will require a fundamental shift in approach.


Near the end of 2019, there was an explosion of video-centric social media apps that took the world by storm. TikTok has been one of the foremost apps since that time, accruing millions and millions of users from around the world with ease. While TikTok has been capturing the attention of regular people and affiliate marketers alike, a new app entered into the space of user-generated videos: Byte.

short-form video hosting service, Byte was developed by Dom Hofmann, co-founder of the ever-successful Vine. Considered the sequel to Vine, Byte gives users the freedom to become short-form content creators, making 6-second looping videos that can be shared directly to the platform and to other social media platforms.

How Byte Works

Similar to digital competitor TikTok, Byte is structured to bring content directly to you. Users have an ever-scrolling feed that allows them to see content created by other users they follow, a page to find new content, a search function to find fellow users, and a profile page that allows you to look over your own content, past and present. Similarities are drawn to Vine in how videos are recorded: Users are able to record six-second videos that play in loops and can be shared on other users’ profiles to share with their own followers to see.

Cons of the App

The primary drawback of the app, at this time, is that it is still rising into prominence against the massive popularity of TikTok. While the app is expected to grow in swift time, TikTok is still seeing prominent growth.

The Benefits of Byte

Not only can this app benefit from the nostalgia of Vine, but the ability to create, share, and categorize short videos makes it easy. Any business looking to create videos for their brand can easily make them and share them with the world. Any interested customers and brand representatives can easily share said videos to help them garner more attention and traction across the Byte app.



Furthermore, Byte offers a great alternative to companies and users disinterested in the TikTok model. Beyond the content being created in the app, users and national security entities are becoming increasingly worried about security flaws notably present in TikTok. Developed here in the U.S., such concerns are not expected to exist for Byte.

As a Successful Affiliate Marketing Tool

For companies looking to further develop their affiliate marketing strategy, Byte might be a successful avenue to explore. Not only will it allow for content creators — your affiliates — to readily share branded content with their followers in a short, digestible video, but there are other characteristics which are expected to make this a popular app: The nostalgia from Vine is expected to bring over many users disillusioned by TikTok, and the ability to track your stats, from number of followers to video views, are contained directly in the app.

Content creators looking to form affiliate relationships are bound to have success through this 6-second video platform, easily sharing products and services with interested consumers from around the globe. Beyond its usefulness as an affiliate marketing tool, the app is expected to become beneficial for all users in the near future. In a recent TechCrunch interview, Hofmann said that Byte will introduce a revenue-sharing mechanism once advertising is introduced, allowing for content creators to get paid for their creative efforts — which TikTok does not currently offer to its creators.

To get the most out of your company’s affiliate marketing strategy, it’s in your company’s best interest to diversify your approach as much as possible. Rather than putting all your eggs in one basket, approach popular social media platforms to get the most eyes on your brand, evaluating which will garner the most attention in the long run. For all you know, Byte might just be the right one for you.


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