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The 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Last Modified: January 31, 2023

Now that Black Friday is over, saner heads are beginning to start shopping for the Christmas and holiday season. After all, it’s usually not worth getting trampled to save $5 on a Kylo Ren Pop Figure.

holiday gift guide

And since we work with thousands of amazing merchants, we’re in no short supply of gift ideas to share with you. Let’s get to the good stuff.

For that overly Active person

You know the type. Always on the go go go, a hundred things going on at once, and somehow still finding time to get a workout in. How do they do it? Who knows, but they always need at least a little help:

Vibedration — VIP 2.0L


Keep them hydrated! Vibedration’s VIP 2.0L hydration pack will carry all the water (or other liquids) they’ll need for a lengthy hike or run. With 3 separate compartments, they don’t have to settle for just one drink type either. $41.99

notes to self — ‘I am awesome’ socks

awesome socks

“What am I? I forget…” *looks at feet* “Oh that’s right.” Even the best of us need a reminder once in a while. As do those around us lucky enough to see these socks. notes to self’s ‘I am awesome’ socks speak volumes in style and comfort. $12.99

Mighty Mug — Mighty Mug Go: Red

mighty mug

Busy people don’t have time to deal with spills. Mighty Mug has them covered with their Smartgrip Technology. BPA free, dishwasher safe, and peace of mind that your coffee won’t be on your pants any time soon. $19.99

self journal

More things get done when there is a solid plan. Help the active ones in your life do more with Best Self’s Self Journal, a comprehensive day-to-day and month-to-month planning tool to help achieve their biggest goals. $31.99

h20 ninja

Did you know that snorkeling is over 5,000 years old? It’s high time we found a better way than the usual breathing tube. The H20 Ninja Mask is a full-face snorkeling mask that makes it way easier, and way more fun. $76.99

For that super Artsy person

We all have that friend or family member that can tell apart fifty shades of white (or eggshell) with ease. They have an eye for design and love creating. Here are some gift ideas to keep them engaged and entertained.

polaroid originals

With a Polaroid, everyone’s a shutterbug. The OneStep 2 Gift Set includes the camera and 3 packs of Polaroid Originals film so they can get started capturing memories right away. $139.00

the night sky

Here’s a way to remind the artist in your life that it’s all a matter of perspective. The Night Sky will create a map of the stars from a specific location on Earth, as well as a specific date. A truly one-of-a-kind poster. $60

angelus direct

Sure they paint, but have they painted shoes?? Get them to try this creative venture with Angelus Direct’s sneaker painting kit. With a steady hand and some practice, they’ll be creating custom shoes in no time. $32.18

leaf and clay

Succulents are beautiful, collectible, and easy to take care of. A perfect, creative way to add more color to an artist’s life. This 6-pack from Leaf & Clay is a great[ way to get started. It may be hard to stop though! $30

For that pretty Chill person

This person is very relatable. Maybe she’s already pretty relaxed. Maybe he needs to relax. Either way, these gifts will bring out the inner chillaxer in all of us. Rest and relaxation is underrated and makes for a great present.

Matchaeologist — Matcha Brewing Kit


Even the packaging is calming. Increase the Zen vibes of your chill friend with Matchaeologist’s Match Brewing Kit. It includes tea, a glass bowl, a bamboo whisk, and a bamboo spoon. Healthy and relaxing. $69

Yellow Leaf Hammocks — Vineyard Haven Hammock

yellow leaf hammocks

We’re not sure you can do anything BUT chill in a hammock, especially the Vineyard Haven by Yellow Leaf Hammocks. Great weave, great quality, and best of all: an anti-flip design. No need to worry about falling out. $199

Poketo — Pom Pom Blanket in Cream


It’s getting chilly out and this Pom Pom Blanket by Poketo is the perfect way to snuggle on the couch in style. Done using it for the day? Drape it anywhere to class up the place. It’ll be waiting for you when you need another nap. $58

simply earth — Essential Oils Boxed Set (6)

simply earth

Sure, one can relax without a nice fragrance, but why go without? Increase their chill with this boxed set of 6 popular essential oils by simply earth. Not only do they smell great, but the custom wood box is a huge bonus. $49.99

chilitechnology — ChiliPAD Cube


Literally chill in bed. Science says we sleep better when we’re on the colder side, so enhance their snooze with the ChiliPAD by chilitechnology. Adjustable in 1 degree increments from 55 to 110 degrees. $499 (twin); use coupon code SHOPCHILI20 for an additional discount.

For that self-avowed Foodie person

Everyone likes food, but you know that guy/girl who really likes food. You know, the one that always has seven cheeses on deck. Here are some food gifts that they’ll love.

People’s Choice Beef Jerky — Some Like it Hot Jerky Box

peoples choice beef jerky

Not your typical beef jerky, this Jerky Box by People’s Choice Beef Jerky brings a bit of spice to the table. It comes with 5 bags of differently spiced jerky, as well as a bonus 100% beef stick (also spicy!). $35

Dry Farm Wines — Classic Collection Club

dry farm wines

Dry Farm Wines curates the finest organic & natural wines. Great taste, and healthier than other wines! Get your Foodie a subscription to the Friends of the Farm Wine & Social Club which comes with 6 reds each month. $159

Farm to People — Pizza Party

farm to people

Gourmet pizza? You had us at pizza. Farm to People provides a Pizza Party gift bundle that comes with everything one needs to create their own homemade, gourmet pizza. Includes espresso cookie for dessert! $40

For the fun Quirky person

Gifts should be functional, but fun at the same time. Especially if you’re shopping for that oddball relative who likes the weird stuff. Here are a few quirky present ideas that fit this niche.

Zoo Snoods — “Deer” Crochet Dog Snood

zoo snods

We think that image speaks for itself. For that friend with a dog. Zoo Snoods. $16.99

Holy Meme Bible

holy meme bible

Knowing your memes is a religious experience, according to the Holy Meme Bible. 60 pages of meme-inspired activities for fun and nostalgia. These memes are hot off the 2017 presses so get them while they’re relevant! $14.99

Pop Vulture — Hawkins AV Club shirt

hawkins av club

Inspired by Stranger Things, this t-shirt from Pop Vulture proudly touts your devotion to the Hawkins AV Club. Stylish and fun, it’s a great gift for those in the know. And with a Netflix login. $20 (unisex tee)

For the Hims & Hers

Far be it for us to suggest a gift for a specific gender in this day and age. But these next gift ideas certainly can fall into traditional categories. We’ll just let you decide which goes where!

Lillian & Co. — I Can Go The Distance bracelet


Every once in a while, every person can use a reminder that “you can do it!” This bracelet by Lillian & Co. is a stylish and elegant way to keep that message close to their heart, via the wrist. Never give up! $28 (silver)

Manscaped — The Lawn Mower


Body hair? That’s so 2016. Trim anywhere (and we mean anywhere) with this compact and powerful electric trimmer by Manscaped. Called The Lawn Mower, it sports 4,000 cutting strokes per minute to live up to the name. $29.99

Ella + Mila — Nail Polish

nail polish

Nails were meant to be colored. If they weren’t, why would nail polish exist? These colors from Ella + Mila are vibrant, fun, and easy to apply. With more colors than can fit on this page, there’s a style for everyone. $10.50 (each)

Thanks to our incredible Refersion clients for sharing some of their products with us! Happy shopping, everyone!

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