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Marketing Tips For the Holiday Season

Last Modified: February 27, 2023

Tips on Leveraging Clearance Products During the Holiday Shopping Season

The holiday season is quickly arriving. Does your business have a plan in place? Whether you’re utilizing an affiliate marketing strategy or making the most of a social media campaign, your business should have already started setting the stage for holiday marketing. One of the best things about the holiday season is that people will be shopping in one capacity or another. This means that your business’s success relies on how well you can make use of this business.

One of the primary ways to do this is to provide a product or deal that a consumer can’t refuse. When paired together, you get clearance products: products your company is attempting to move, possibly due to overstock, to free up space for other inventory. Most often, businesses will sell these products at a reduced price, as there is more to be gained by earning less per item than maintaining a high volume of low-selling products. If your business is looking to clear out some clearance products this holiday season, some of the following tips can ensure that becomes a reality.

Get eyes on your clearance products

Not everyone waits until Black Friday to start shopping. In reality, 45% of shoppers begin their holiday shopping before the end of October, getting ahead of the curve. So, if you have products you’re trying to push out before the end of the year, you don’t have to wait for Christmas to arrive to begin selling them. One way to start selling these products is to begin marketing them early on. This can involve finding a way to fit them into the holidays leading up to the holiday season, such as Halloween and Thanksgiving, or it can involve planting seeds related to holiday gift-giving.

Simple ways to begin getting eyes on your company’s clearance products can involve boosting keyword rankings on product pages — what is known as search engine optimization (SEO). Other methods can involve implementing an affiliate marketing 101 strategy, where you use particular affiliates to promote clearance products to their niche audience in the hope of achieving sales conversions.

Create a holiday gift guide

holiday decorations

Consumer holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday currently exist in a strange limbo, as the ongoing global affairs are surely going to change the way people shop for this coming winter holiday season. But while it might look different this year, there are some ways you can properly market your products to consumers. Beyond planning ahead, you should consider developing a holiday gift guide that prominently features clearance products your business is trying to move. Shoppers are bound to look for such guides in preparation of the holiday season, especially when they’re unsure of what to buy a family member or acquaintance. Including a discounted clearance item is sure to get a person’s attention, as it can be marketed as a small gift or a stocking stuffer, making it more likely to be purchased.

Target customers you once knew

Sometimes customers move on from your brand. The reasons could be varied, such as their interests no longer aligned with your niche or something as simple as them having checked out your website, having signed up for email notifications, but never having made a purchase with you. In either case, you likely have this consumer’s contact information. You know they were once interested in your business, but that their interest waned for some reason or another.

Now is the time to reach back out to them. If you have their personal information, you can get back in touch with them thanks to a retargeting email campaign. This approach allows you to get back in touch with a consumer, letting them know that you’re still there. Common tactics involve offering a discount to entice a sales conversion, or it might be something as simple as an email informing them about a new product or an upcoming sale.

If you have clearance products you’re trying to move, it might be in your best interest to reach back out to customers informing them that this item is 1) on-sale and 2) low-in-stock. The idea of a last-minute sale should get a person’s attention, as the limited time availability could entice them to make a purchase.

Sell Your Clearance Products by Engaging Customers

If you’re trying to sell clearance products this holiday season, your best bet is to understand that there is no one approach that is going to work. To produce the best campaign, you’re going to have to rely on multiple approaches and channels, promoting your products wherever possible. This enhanced engagement will not only improve the chances of consumers interacting with your brand but might just help you sell those clearance products.

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