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New partner: CouponCause publisher opportunity

Last Modified: January 31, 2023

It can be tough to find the right publishers to partner with. You want a reliable partner that will help you get the right customer base, more revenue, and of course, not take up too much of your time. Enter CouponCause. Shoppers can find your offer through CouponCause, meaning that you’ll be getting a new customer who might want to buy from you again. CouponCause is a great publishing opportunity that we recommend to help your business grow. We’re excited to bring on this publisher as a new partner for merchants looking to work with a reputable coupon discount website.

What is CouponCause?

CouponCause’s mission is to help users shop, save, and give back. Shoppers can browse through a variety of different categories and stores to find deals. Even better? CouponCause donates a portion of all sales to charity. In fact, they’ve raised $350k for charity since 2013. They aim to save their users time and money by featuring all the best deals in one place. On the partner side (that’s you), they want to drive up incremental revenue.


CouponCause has become one of the leading coupon sites online. They currently have 600k unique visitors per month with 1.6 million page views per month. If you’re a B2C merchant, CouponCause is perfect for you since you’ll be getting wider exposure and a bigger customer base. While they do have a small section of B2B services, CouponCause is targeted towards B2C.

How Will This Publishing Opportunity Help Me Grow My Business?

CouponCause makes it easy to obtain brand visibility and engagement from potential and current merchants. Your business could be featured on their front page or in their newsletter, for example. By partnering with a leading deals site, you will be able to reach customers that you wouldn’t have reached otherwise.

If this sounds good to you, here’s how it works. We’re going to use the example of the shoe merchant to make things a little easier. Let’s say you want to connect with CouponCause. First, you’ll email them at [email protected] with your offer information. Once they accept your request, your offer will be featured in their shoes category. .

In this example, let’s say that your promotion is going to be for 20% off any pair of sneakers, and you want to offer CouponCause a 15% commission. If someone buys your shoes from the CouponCause link, CouponCause will get 15% of that sale, and the customer receives their 20% discount.

Not only will your customer be happy they got a deal, but you’ll be getting tons of extra traffic that you might not otherwise get.

CouponCause also lets you test out exclusive and short-term deals that could skyrocket your sales. In addition to deals, they offer a paid media services program that can help you with targeted ad campaigns.

Using CouponCause is Easy

It’s very easy to get started with CouponCause — all you have to do is send them an email! So really, CouponCause does the hard work for you. Once you have your discount code set up, you get to sit back and wait for the orders to come in.

Interested in working with CouponCause? Email [email protected] today.

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