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BigCommerce Affiliate Program with Refersion: Pros & Cons

Last Modified: January 31, 2023

$8.2 billion dollars. This is how much businesses spent on affiliate marketing in 2022. The global affiliate marketing industry is growing faster than ever. 1 out of 10 ecommerce sales around the world is typically a direct result of successful affiliate marketing. 73% of merchants opine that affiliate marketing programs meet their revenue expectations—while many agree it can exceed them too.

With all of this data looming large, right at the start of this blog—you would have realized by now that affiliate marketing holds immense potential in skydiving a business’ revenue. Precisely why respectable ecommerce platforms, such as BigCommerce, offer a slew of benefits to affiliates. 

In this blog, we will dive into what makes BigCommerce’s Affiliate Program a must to explore for merchants and affiliates alike, and what merchants could do to transform their affiliate marketing experience. 

What Makes BigCommerce Great for Affiliate Marketing?

Whether you’re launching an online business or simply migrating to BigCommerce—you will love the kind of features it offers to scale up your offerings on the go. Their affiliate program is great too. It offers many opportunities to snap up the top affiliates in the niche easily. 

Here are some of the important pros and cons of the BigCommerce platform: 


These pros directly benefit affiliates and merchants. The availability of some of these features makes it easier for affiliates to sell more, so there’s a higher likelihood of them producing even more content to endorse your product. 

Other features help you scale your business with strategic decisions. 

  • Availability of Promotion Materials: BigCommerce does away with the need for creating promotional banners, emails, or other literature. Affiliates can access this pre-made content on their dashboard and insert the affiliate links on their blog, newsletter, or website.
  • A Dedicated Account Manager: BigCommerce is equipped with account managers (their affiliate experts) who furnish strategies one-on-one for business growth.
  • Powerful Tracking: Your dashboard tracks the number of clicks, trials, sales, and commissions of all affiliates in your network. You can easily track their earnings, metrics, and performance, and make payments at the same time monthly, daily or weekly—all from one dashboard. 
  • Daily Payment via Direct Deposit: Affiliates’ earnings are deposited directly into their bank account at a frequency of their choice. This frees you of the hassle of collecting payment details & manually making payments every month or week. 

For any merchant interested in creating a high-quality affiliate program, BigCommerce is a worthy contender as it can help them bring in more customers, create valuable relationships with affiliates, and generally grow their business.


These cons are not cons as much as they are incentives tailored towards affiliates. They motivate affiliates to sell more for you. But it may cost you a higher sum than you would pay for affiliates elsewhere.

  • Highest Commissions in the Industry: Affiliates receive a 200% commission for every referral, other than the enterprise referral. An enterprise referral offers $1,500 with no cap on commissions.
  • Commission Tiers: The commission tier goes higher with an increase in the number of referrals. 
  • Zero Caps on Commissions: As long as affiliates keep making referrals, they will keep earning.
  • No Commitments Expected: BigCommerce doesn’t have any mandatory expectations from affiliates regarding earnings. Affiliates can earn additional money at their convenience.
  • A 90-Day Cookie: This cookie tracks purchases from the affiliates’ unique link for as long as 90 days. This means that they receive a credit for the sale as long as the sale is made within 90 days from the first time a user clicked on the affiliate link. 

Welcome More Joy in Affiliate Marketing With Refersion

When it comes to running profitable affiliate marketing programs, affiliate managers and entrepreneurs have a lot on their plate, including viewing different dashboards to analyze, track, reward, and pay affiliates. Refersion can simplify this and allow you to run multiple affiliate programs from one dashboard. 

It also has several other features that can supercharge your BigCommerce Affiliate program. To put it in simple words, Refersion makes BigCommerce’s Affiliate Program all the better. Let’s understand how.

Easy Affiliate Discovery: Refersion offers a new Ecommerce Affiliate Discovery solution. It helps ecommerce brands grow their affiliate networks and streamline researching, discovering, and recruiting of new affiliates.

Effortless Affiliate Recruiting: It is a time-consuming process to find qualified affiliates and onboard them. Refersion helps merchants recruit affiliates through a branded self-registration page added to their website. Consequently, it converts customers into ambassadors with a post-purchase pop-up.

Smooth Review of Affiliate Applications: Reversion reviews affiliate requests smoothly and swiftly. This feature prevents merchants from losing their top affiliates owing to long waiting periods formerly. Also, it does away with annoyingly long times of manual tracking of requests through emails or spreadsheets. 

A Centralized Location: Refersion offers a single site to merchants where they can see all of their information and understand how best to continue building their company. Merchants can incorporate Refersion into their existing affiliate program or use it to create a new affiliate program. 

Seamless Integration: Refersion integrates with affiliate networks effortlessly to provide data that allows merchants to not only judge the financial well-being of a network but also to manage all activities from A to Z through a single dashboard. That too for multiple programs.

Automated Affiliate Payments: In the event of a large affiliate program, Refersion enables merchants to review numerous affiliate commissions, pay them correctly, and pay third-party payment commissions effortlessly.

Hassle-free Generation of Affiliate Marketing Reports: Refersion helps affiliate managers compile affiliate marketing data from different systems easily through one centralized affiliate program. This feature enables customization and reporting of the data at a frequency of choice. 

Streamlining of Taxes for Affiliates: Refersion helps your affiliates manage tax processes easily from one place to reduce risk and keep them compliant with guidelines.

Easy Sign Up: While not a pro that contributes to sales in itself, this feature makes it easy to work with Refersion and transfer your existing database to theirs. 

With Refersion, merchants can sign up and add to their affiliate program without having to make any modifications or start from scratch. All they need to do is connect Refersion to their BigCommerce storefront.

Merchants can set up their Refersion account with their BigCommerce storefront in minutes. They need to connect their BigCommerce account to start improving their affiliate marketing program.

Automation Tools for the BigCommerce Affiliate Program: Refersion enables merchants to automate sales tracking, individual affiliate performance insights, and monthly affiliate payments, leaving busy entrepreneurs free to manage other parts of the business that require more attention. 

The Bottom Line

For those who are looking for a robust option to scale and grow their business, BigCommerce’s Affiliate Program ticks the boxes. Refersion connects the dots in affiliate marketing. What makes Refersion double up the basket of benefits is that it offers unparalleled information for data processing across the spectrum. 
Refersion’s partnership with BigCommerce enables merchants to start the process in minutes, with colors and content for their affiliate signup page in sync with their company branding. Plus, it’s designed to track affiliates ranging from 10 or 10,000. Impressed? Well, get started with Refersion’s 14-day free trial today.

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