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5 Ways Working from Home Can Change Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Last Modified: March 1, 2023

Ways Working from Home Can Change Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Transitioning to remote work after working within an office environment can feel both liberating and anxiety-inducing. Whether you’ve worked from an office for a few years or many decades, the sudden shift to working from home (WFH) can feel strange and uncomfortable.

Parts of your regular routine are now gone, from commuting each morning to dressing in professional clothing, to lacking co-worker motivation to keep you attentive and busy. For most people, this shift from in-office to at-home will require a reimagining of their living space, transforming it into an atmosphere that can exist as both a home and a personal office. This might mean establishing a singular room as an office or clearing off a section of the kitchen table to make ample space for a laptop, notebook, phone, and coffee mug.

Many people have been thrust into such a predicament due to the onset of coronavirus/COVID-19, which has caused many workplaces to shift to work-from-home regulations. This sudden shift has been hard on workers around the country, as they’ve had to create entirely new routines for themselves. But while the transition might be difficult at first, working from home actually offers a variety of benefits, from easing personal stress to working at one’s own pace.

For marketers, the shift might feel strange, as your company needs to change its marketing approach to address WFH and social-distancing regulations. This is especially true for affiliate marketers, as your company’s affiliate marketing strategy will have to be updated to meet current social trends. Changes will run the gamut from tonal changes to time and affiliate management.

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Here are a few considerations you should take into account when transitioning your affiliate marketing strategy into a WFH world.

Shifting Content to Work-Life Balance

Your content might need an update for the WFH world. Take the time to go over your brand voice, tone, and image to ensure you’re providing affiliates and their audiences with content that is honest, empathetic, and compassionate during such a strange time. One option is to speak about what’s going on in the world while promoting positivity for employers and consumers working at home.

Your audience is more likely to be online.

During global recessions, companies usually decide to pull back on their marketing budget, reducing costs deemed “unnecessary.” But now is the time to invest in your affiliate marketing strategy. People have been spending more time online since isolating at home, and your company is more likely than ever to reach greater audiences through your affiliate marketing social media strategy.

There’s access to a greater talent pool.

Due to your company no longer needing to have employees come into the office everyday, you’ll have a greater pool of employees to choose from — you’re no longer constrained by distance!

Consider finding some expert affiliate marketers to round out your affiliate marketing strategy. Furthermore, keep an eye out for potential affiliates you can introduce to your network. It’s more important than ever to bring people into the fold and collaborate in a tense time.

Less time is spent commuting, and more time is spent connecting.

Now that you can work right from home, you won’t have to spend time commuting to and from work each day. Instead, divert that time to being available for your affiliates and concentrating on expanding our network. This can include creating office hours where affiliates can ask you questions or taking time to reach out to potential affiliate partners to increase your company’s engagement and network.

Spend less on office space and more on your affiliate marketing strategy.

One of the greatest benefits about moving to a WFH structure is that your company now has flexible spending. Rather than spending money on your office space, some of that money can be diverted toward improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your affiliate marketing strategy. This can include hiring more staff, increasing rates for affiliates, or diverting time toward creating campaigns.

Now is the time to begin investing in other areas of your business, strengthening qualities that will increase your longevity whether sticking to a WFH model or eventually returning to the office. If you’re interested in improving your company’s affiliate marketing strategy or want to learn about the Refersion network and how it can benefit you at this time, consider checking out our website or reaching out to one of our expert representatives.

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