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7 Affiliate Marketing Websites to Boost Marketing ROI

June 14, 2024

You are here probably because you have been monitoring your competitor’s reach. Seeing their brand reputation skyrocket with affiliate marketing tactics has made you curious. They may be bringing influencers on board, and it is making your target customers go wild.

Or, you might be here because you have realized that your affiliate marketing strategies need some support. The logistics of it all are too much to handle.

If you fall into either of the above categories and are curious about how vendors help with affiliate marketing, then read on. We cover examples of the leading affiliate marketing websites out there and also look at some common questions that brands have when it comes to affiliate marketing.

What are the benefits of affiliate marketing websites?

The benefits of affiliate marketing include the following:

Benefit #1: You are talking to your customers through their voice at a lower cost

A study showed that 7 out of 10 millennials are more likely to buy from their favorite YouTube personality rather than traditional media personalities such as generic actors. Hiring a Robert Downey Jr. for your formal clothing brand may seem like the ideal strategy. You feel that you need to shell out the big bucks and get big actors. Going with an influencer your audience engages with on social media will be more impactful and cheaper.

Maximizing your marketing revenue through affiliate marketing is not tough with the right partnerships.

Benefit #2: Brand awareness will increase at an exponential speed

For every affiliate you onboard, you are tapping into their community. They are spreading the word about your products and helping you acquire customers.

Most affiliates, whether companies, influencers, or other platforms, share product recommendations while providing informational value. They contextualize your product rather than marketing it directly. This generates brand awareness while creating positive value associations in the customer’s mind.

Benefit #3: Low setup burdens

With the right affiliate marketing vendor, you can minimize the costs of an affiliate marketing program. You will also automate a majority of the process. The right vendor will help you:

  • Connect with affiliates
  • Set up affiliate discovery and recruiting
  • Manage considerations related to payment and taxes.
  • Attribution of revenue and any privacy concerns associated with affiliate marketing.

Now that you know the three main benefits check out these leading affiliate marketing websites that have changed the game for brands regarding customer acquisition.

Leading Affiliate Marketing Websites

The following seven affiliate marketing websites are ideal for new brands unfamiliar with the concept and those looking for better alternatives:


Clickbank offers versatile affiliate marketing options for businesses of all sizes. They provide a robust tech stack of e-commerce tools to help you create direct response offers, i.e., offers that lead to a single CTA, i.e., to buy the product. They claim to have a network of 100,000 affiliates worldwide. 

You will get a central platform for affiliate management and attribution tracking with Clickbank. This includes hiring, managing, and paying affiliates. They have an automated payment platform for commissions. They also provide an in-built fraud protection software to prevent fraudulent charges. They have integrations with about a hundred partners, including Zapier, Payoneer, and Kajabi.

Clickbank contains a versatile education platform that incorporates access to industry events and courses for brand growth.


Tapfiliate is an all-inclusive affiliate marketing system that helps companies of any size to find affiliates, monitor their progress, and gather data to increase sales. With Tapfiliate, you can scale your brand and optimize your administrative workflows for affiliates. Tapfiliate has an easy-to-navigate UI. They have over 30 platform integrations, including Shopify and WooCommerce. This means that even the newest sellers with small shops can use Tapfiliate to enter the affiliate marketing game.

Tapfiliate has a 14-day free trial through which you can anticipate how much the tool can help you grow your affiliate marketing programs. It offers your affiliates personal affiliate links and coupon codes. They also include your brand in all referral links.

This extent of personalization is important for brand recall. Further, it helps manage your affiliates through a dashboard so that you can track them easily. They also provide the code to add Tapfiliate to your shop website. Like Clickbank, they claim to have a network of 100,000 affiliates. You can connect with them after viewing their details and performance stats.


WarriorPlus is another good option recommended by small businesses. Its main offering is that it provides unlimited upsell and downsell offer creation, along with dynamic pricing and split tests. They have a comprehensive tracking system that allows affiliates and the brand to track unique leads for any product. You will get insight into when a customer clicks, starts checkout, and completes purchases. These can be the foundations of your retargeting campaigns.

WarriorPlus offers customizable coupon options, pre-launch support, and other automation solutions to streamline your affiliate marketing efforts. They also have an affiliate sync option that allows you to export affiliates across products without added paperwork.


Everflow has a unique partner program that puts you in charge of the goals it can achieve right from the beginning. They have an Everflow Plus program, through which you will have access to an account manager who will manage your program right from launch. They will track offers and attribution and report to you. They train your marketing and sales teams to ensure everyone is on the same page with the affiliate program. Everflow offers global partner payment processes. This means you can tap into affiliates from across the world without worrying about payment conversions and platform fees.

Everflow automates partnership management in unique ways. Another highlight of Everflow’s services is their Direct Linking tool. Through this, you can track users when they reach your website through a particular affiliate. You can track a user’s buying behavior across all your channels and know which affiliate to attribute these customer actions to.

Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten is one of the oldest players in the game, with over 25 years of experience in affiliate marketing. They offer a global network of affiliates, a network that is constantly updated with influencers and content creators across various niches. These are in addition to traditional publishers, of course. They offer support in the retail, D2C, finance, and travel sectors.

They have a special program called Accelerate, where you outsource all the vital parts of the affiliate marketing funnel to the experts at Rakuten. This includes publisher negotiations, billing, cross-border marketing operations, and other background processes. You can then focus on other instrumental marketing goals and workflows. They aim to become an extension of your in-house marketing teams so that all your operations work like a single well-oiled machine. They provide you with insights and data that can power marketing campaigns which they will also assist you with.


Voted as the Best CPS Network 2022 by mThink, ShareASale claims to have generated over 194 million in sales in 2021. They have a network of over 200,000 affiliates. They provide real-time notifications to help you track your partnerships. They also automate standard communications between you and the affiliates with their automated emails. They have tracking functionalities across mobile and their app.

ShareASale offers numerous educational resources to help you start your affiliate program. They offer advanced combinations of payouts so that you can pay each affiliate precisely how you want to. ShareASale is a good fit for new businesses looking for some hand holding during the process. They are also highly ranked by affiliate marketers, so they are likely to have high-performing affiliates as part of their networks.


Refersion is another great affiliate marketing platform. They stand out from their competition because of their streamlined processes for campaign management, payment and tax handling, hundreds of integrations, and affiliate recruitment processes.

Refersion has a network of over three million affiliates and publishers, one of the biggest networks out there. They track sales with first-party and multi-domain or store tracking. They offer an all-in-one platform to help you manage influencers and affiliates across channels. You can create custom campaigns and track KPIs with ease using a dashboard.

Onboarding affiliates is seamless through Refersion’s platforms. They automate communications and make it easy to recruit affiliates. You can find affiliates based on keywords, platforms, and other parameters.

Refersion also offers seamless payments to affiliates.They have their independent payment mechanism called Unified Payments, in addition to conventional payment options like PayPal.

Refersion also handles your tax documentation. They manage W-9s and 1099s with ease so that you don’t have to.

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