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Why Video Apps Like Triller Can Be Beneficial to Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Last Modified: February 24, 2023

Why Video Apps Like Triller Can Be Beneficial to Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Your company’s affiliate marketing strategy should remain adaptable at all times. Marketing trends shift on a regular basis. Your strategy should regularly update to profit off of the trends of the time. Technology is one of the foremost reasons for change within the market, with newly founded apps improving accessibility to how people communicate and interact digitally. It’s imperative that your company’s affiliate marketing strategy takes these technological innovations into consideration — neglect of newfound apps could lead to a detrimental blind spot that could offer potential brand engagement, conversions, and more.

To get the most out of your affiliate marketing strategy and affiliate tracking software, your company should consider looking into the app Triller. With the headline “You Do You,” Triller makes it easy for people to create, share, and connect through music videos easily created in an instant.

How Triller Works

Developed by the creators of Disney Frozen: Karaoke, David Leiberman and Sammy Rubin, and acclaimed music video director Colin Tilley, Triller is a simple-to-use app that allows users to create personalized music videos in mere seconds. With seamless editing features and a simple interface, Triller lets you pick a song, record takes along it, and share created videos without wasting any energy.

The Benefit of Triller

Triller makes the music video process far easier. Whereas the shooting, recording, and editing of music videos make for a complicated procedure that’s nerve-wracking, troublesome, and time-consuming, Triller breaks the process into a few simple stages that can be completed in just a few minutes. The steps are as follows:

1. Choose the song you want to make a video to, whether from Triller’s library or on your phone.

Record takes of you (and possibly your friends) singing along with the song you chose.

2. Once you feel pleased with your recorded takes, click the Triller logo and let the app create and complete your music video. Not pleased with the video? Press re-edit and get a brand new mash-up!

3. Once completed, you have options to share your video across numerous platforms, whether to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. Better yet, you can save the video directly to your phone to share with others.

Girl filming a concert


While the app makes it easy to edit videos, one of its primary drawbacks is the inability to effectively select and navigate singular takes recorded while making your personalized music video. For anyone hoping for total music video editing accessibility, you won’t have it — the app is designed primarily for people looking to record quick videos that can be shared with absolute ease. For people looking for total editing control, it might be better to record and edit videos the traditional way, uploading them to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook when done.

Apps You May Already Be Familiar With

The idea behind Triller might sound a bit similar, and it’s due to two other apps with comparative features. The former app and the now massively popular TikTok employed the feature of creating videos with backing tracks. However, neither app was committed to creating stylized music videos.

The Benefit to Affiliate Marketers

For small businesses, Triller is an excellent app to be added to your affiliate marketing strategy. Beyond increasing affiliate engagement across the internet, it can be useful to promote your brand’s social media presence.

These music videos can be treated like well-curated content, which can easily be implemented as promotional marketing tools. Your company can create short-form videos that promote products, services, and brand engagement that can thus be tracked through your affiliate tracking software. By using other affiliates throughout the app, you can effectively spread your brand’s reach, across both Triller and many other connected social media platforms.

No one app will curate the best user brand engagement and conversions, but the implementation of numerous platforms can help your business get the most out of its affiliate marketing strategy. Creating a strategy around Triller is another way to improve your affiliate reach.

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