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15 Refersion Clients That Appeared on Shark Tank

Last Modified: February 28, 2023

shark tank

Here at Refersion, we’re always amazed at the breadth and creativity of our clients’ products and services. Sometimes, we’re just in awe of the innovation and ingenuity that we get to witness. You know who else feels the same way? Hollywood, as many of our clients have appeared on Shark Tank to pitch their way into partnerships and funding. Here are just 15 that we picked from our long list.



We didn’t even know “gloving” was a term that existed until EmazingLights, the leaders in gloving and light shows. Using colored LEDs embedded into gloves and other accessories, these products help you standout from the crowd as you put on a light show for the ages.

Honestly, images don’t really do the products justice. You’ve got to see them in action to really appreciate them. Check out what people with far more coordination than us can do with the eLite Element V2 gloves. Our fingers hurt just thinking about attempting these moves.

Barbell Apparel

Barbell apparel

Founded by a group of athletes who know a thing or two about comfortable clothing, Barbell Apparel probably puts more research into their clothing than most other athletic brands. They tout years of research and iteration into their products, and emphasize fit, comfort, and flexibility so your clothes don’t hinder your workouts and training.

Barbell Apparel has been on a growth tear with various successful Kickstarter rounds, and are releasing new products for men and women all the time. Check them out whether you’re a gym rat or just aspiring to become one.


Rocketbook website

These futuristic notebooks may be smarter than the stuff you’d actually write inside of them. RocketBook notebooks have a couple amazing tricks up their spiral-bound sleeves. One, these have paper pages but can still sync what you write to the cloud. With a click of your phone via the Rocketbook App, your doodles and notes will be uploaded to Google Drive, Dropbox, you name it.

Two, these pages are reusable. Literally. Certain notebooks they sell can be either microwaved to erase the pages (don’t worry, you’ve already saved your song lyrics in the cloud, remember?), or wiped away clean with a moist washcloth. They’re just really advanced notebooks and you’ll need to check out the video above to see them in action for yourself.


Beloved shirts

Pretty sure the image speaks for itself. Beloved sells some of the wackiest, craziest, and most eye-catching shirts, swimsuits, and other apparel you could possibly find anywhere. Want Nicholas Cage staring out from your chest? You got it. Want a onesie that looks like a pepperoni pizza? Done.

We have no idea what their designers need to imbibe to come up with some of this stuff, but we’re glad they partake. The next time you need a unique gift for that boring baby shower, shake things up by heading to Beloved and picking up a child-sized shirt with the clown from IT on it.


Loctote bags

It’s a scary world out there. Loctote is all about putting your mind at ease regarding your expensive possessions, as well as looking good doing it. With security in mind, these bags are designed to be theft-resistant, touting features like double steel reinforced straps, heavy-duty combination locks, and slash/tear resistant fabric.

You can literally lock your Loctote bag to something secure and go use the bathroom or take a walk. For people on the go with laptops or tablets, the sense of security is well worth the price of these bags. But they also look great, so you probably wouldn’t want to be far from them anyway. Another trick? They include RFID blocking pocket shields to protect your data from hackers as well. Now that’s a smart, secure bag.



Need a better way to relax? There’s just something about bean bag chairs that convey coziness and rest. Well CordaRoy’s took bean bags to the next level by making them convertible. That’s right: these bean bag chairs have beds inside of them! See them in action:

That’s restfulness squared, if we’re doing the math right. These foam-filled convertible bean bag chairs come with a lifetime guarantee so you know you’ll be resting easy for years to come. Be it propped up or prone, CordaRoy’s might help you finally get those ZZZs you’ve be looking for.


If you’ve never played Spikeball, make sure you set aside a good chunk of time (and energy) because it’s one heck of a fun sport. You’ll need to check out the video above to really get a sense of how simple the game is, but it can be quite deceiving as the skill of the players begin to ramp up. For more advanced players, you’ll be working up a deep sweat in no time flat.

Spikeball Inc launched a decade ago and now has over 4 million players all over the world. Who says you can’t just invent a new popular sport? Get into the game with your own set, grab a few friends, and start spiking that ball all over the place. We’ll be watching, from the sidelines, with our bum knee.


That designer bag you might have in your closet was one of a thousand identical bags that came out of a factory abroad. Rareform bags are completely different: no two bags are the same. The reason behind why is as fun as the bags themselves, because each one starts out as an actual billboard. When the billboards come down, Rareform repurposes the colorful and durable vinyl of the billboard material into these one-of-a-kind products.

As you might imagine, billboards have to stand up to all kinds of weather including heat and rain. Those properties are now hanging from your shoulder in the form of an eco-friendly and visually-striking bag. From wallets to backpacks to totes and more, Rareform is exactly what their name says they are.


Biking is great fun and great exercise, but biking at night can be problematic as visibility decreases. Instead of donning neon green vests that sort of kill your flavor, Revolights have come up with a better solution to literally light up the way.

Revolights are wheel-mounted LEDs that function as headlights, brake lights, and turn signals. Furthermore, they’re weather resistant as well as compatible with the Revolights app which can remotely control the lights, provide weather alerts, and track your rides. Basically, these lights do everything except pedal for you. Ride safer, and smarter, with a set of these mounted to your wheels.


Getting comfortable in bed. You’d think it’d be easy, but sometimes you’re either too cold or too hot. Instead of dealing with the thermostat, BedJet could be a better solution for your sleep needs. In just 3 minutes, BedJet will get your bed warm or cool so you can snooze at your ideal temperature.

Possibly the best trick that BedJet pulls off is providing two completely different temperature zones in the same bed. One side can be toasty warm while the other side is nice and cool, so even if you and your partner never agree on a sleep temperature, BedJet has got you both covered. It’s a small price to pay for better sleep, as well as no more arguments about what the thermostat should be set to at night.

Oru Kayak

It’s the world’s first origami kayak. We’re not sure we need to say anything else here. Just… how cool is that?

Look, we’re not sure if you’ve ever been in a kayak but you probably know how large those things are, and storage can be a problem unless you have access to a large basement or garage. Oru Kayak aims to eliminate that issue with their kayak that literally folds into a tote bag. Just look at that gif above. It takes just minutes to unfold, and they’re obviously light but also surprisingly durable. Origami isn’t just for luck cranes anymore.


Naja clothing

Naja isn’t just another swim/underwear brand. They are committed to empowering women through their products. Naja’s factory primarily employs females (single mothers and heads of households) and pay above market wages with healthcare benefits. Not only that, every child of these women receives books, school supplies, and meals, all for free.

Shopping at Naja not only gets you supremely sexy and stylish clothing, you know that your dollars will be doing their part to help disadvantaged workers in places like Colombia. Their Underwear For Hope program means jobs for these people, as well as 2% revenue donations to their local charities. Naja is all about making people feel as good on the inside as they look on the outside.

BootyQueen Apparel

Why work on the booty if you can’t adequately show them off? It’s called BootyQueen Apparel because this line of athletic wear was created by a self-proclaimed “Bootyologist” who has 16 years of glute-training specialization. In other words, someone who knows a lot about that specific area is the person behind shaping these leggings so your butt looks its best.

These products are sleek, sexy, and most of all durable. They all “pass the squat test” so you know you won’t be splitting any seams no matter how many reps you’re pumping out. BootyQueen also offers their own line of training bands and training programs to get your glutes to their best shape ever. As long as you don’t skip leg day, you have to give these a try.

Wallet Buckle

You know what belt buckles used to be? A waste of space. Now, here comes Wallet Buckle to repurpose them as more than just fashion accessories. These buckles can securely hold up to 4 cards, which means you can leave your actual wallet at home for a night out on the town.

Not only that, your cards are probably more secure than ever since who’s going to expect that your stylish belt buckle is where the loot is kept? From hundreds of designs to choose from, you can mix and match different buckles to different belt colors and types. Put your money where your waist is and leave the cracked leather wallet at home.

Wink Frozen Desserts

Wink Frozen Desserts

No sugar, no dairy, all flavor. That’s the promise of Wink Frozen Desserts, a GMO-free ice cream that uses organic stevia and monkfruit to keep it sugar-free, but full of tastiness. It’s even as creamy as ice cream without the milk, so it’s a wonder that it tastes this good.

All their ingredients are 100% plant-based, so not only are these desserts both diabetic and keto-friendly, they’re also free of the top eight most common allergens. Basically, it’s the healthiest “ice cream” you can have since pretending to have ice cream. But this is much more delicious than just using your imagination. Plus with their 100 calorie pints, they help you have just enough to be satiated without going overboard.

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