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Top 8 Recommended Affiliate Marketing Courses in 2023 to Improve Your Affiliate Strategy

Last Modified: February 16, 2023

Affiliate Marketing Courses to Improve Your Affiliate Strategy

Affiliate marketing continues to enjoy an upsurge in growth. Nowadays, as many as 80% of brands run affiliate marketing programs. It’s a natural upward trajectory, given the rise in ecommerce. Because online shopping offers more competitive prices than brick-and-mortar stores, the added dynamic of earning cashback, discount codes, and rewards captivates more customers. In addition, the ease and convenience of shopping without leaving your home draws people to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing now has a market of $17 billion, with about 16% of online orders worldwide coming through affiliate marketing channels. Approximately 57.55% of affiliate marketers earn less than $10,000;  if you want additional income, top affiliate marketing courses can help you take a deep dive into marketing tactics. Completing these courses can improve your affiliate marketing training, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an intermediate marketer who wants to grow your passive income.

What to Look for in an Affiliate Marketing Course

A worthwhile affiliate marketing course can teach you different strategies for bringing leads and eventual customers to your site. You can use paid advertising, traffic, and SEO content techniques. At the same time, investing in a course can help you find a community of affiliate experts. These courses usually have an exclusive online community where you can discuss recent updates, talk about the latest tools, and ask experts directly about any questions you may have.

Ideally, an effective affiliate marketing course should include:

  • What niche you should focus on and which affiliate brands to promote
  • How to set up a domain, hosting, and website
  • How to design a professional and attention-grabbing affiliate marketing website
  • How to optimize content in affiliate blogs, articles, and sponsored content
  • The basics of email marketing and building a listing
  • How to optimize SEO for different social media platforms
  • How to increase website speed and usability both on mobile and desktop screens

Indeed, there are plenty of techniques that can upgrade your affiliate marketing strategy. It’s a matter of choosing which course content is delivered by legitimate affiliate marketing experts and which topics are the most useful for you at the moment. If you can find the course that addresses a particular issue or issues in your affiliate strategy, you will gain a high return on investment as a result.

8 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses for 2023

Here are the most sought-after affiliate marketing courses in 2023 that can help boost your overall sales and influence in the affiliate marketing sphere:

1. The Authority Site System

The Authority Site System - affilaite marketing course

The Authority Site System course covers the most crucial affiliate marketing areas, including keyword and market research, design and branding, website setup and optimization, content, link building, analysis, monetization, and tracking. The people behind the course, AuthorityHacker, claim to be able to create a website that can generate six figures a month. If this sounds too good to be true, worry not because they have the approval stamp of companies like Ahrefs and Search Engine Journal, to name a few. This course is also voted by eBiz Facts as the best course to try for affiliate marketers. 

Many affiliate beginners appreciate the course’s structure, with step-by-step processes and ready-made templates for blog posts. In the course, case studies of affiliate marketers are also discussed; this provides a concrete look at how the industry works.

Among the notable advantages when taking The Authority Site System course include:

  • Having access to their exclusive (and active) Facebook community.
  • Securing white hat links.
  • Getting over 180 lessons across digital marketing topics.
  • Copy-paste templates that are quite convenient for those who want to start an affiliate marketing program.

The Authority Site System has some solid updates for 2023:

  • Using expired domains for faster results
  • Website design practices that pass Core Web Vitals
  • Reviews that are approved under the new Google Update
  • Updated link-building tactics and guidelines 
  • Updated speed module designed to speed up your site

Price: Six payments of $249 (but there are savings of up to $497 if you pay the full price upfront)

Best for: beginners in online marketing and those who wish to scale their businesses

2. The Affiliate Lab

the affiliate lab - affiliate marketing course

Marketers have applauded Matt Diggity’s The Affiliate Lab course as the premier affiliate marketing program. As a former engineer, Diggity uses rigorous testing to ensure that his SEO tactics offer real value and bring positive outcomes. The proof is in the pudding: several of his learners have seen their income skyrocket over 50% after completing this comprehensive training. Diggity designed The Affiliate lab as a useful online course where you can earn and even flip websites for a profit. What’s great about this course is that it can give best practices whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced affiliate marketer. 

What can one expect in this affiliate marketing course? Among the key features include the Niche Grading Tool, which identifies small niches perfect for your affiliate brand. The Recursive Keyword Research Process can help you determine keyword opportunities and then use those for site content as well as email marketing outreach. There are also resources for core algorithm updates on Google in order to avoid getting penalized for gray hat links. 

Most importantly, you can optimize how to create content that ranks and makes sales. Note that articles and blogs are still crucial, accounting for nearly 40% of affiliate marketer income. Capturing leads and customers through web content can result in a higher profit in the long term. 

The Affiliate Lab offers these features for 2023:

  • Lessons on on-page SEO with conversion rate analysis
  • Beginner’s Lab shows how to create a WordPress site and obtain a domain name and site host.
  • Latest link-building strategies
  • Access to an active Facebook Group exclusive community
  • Lessons on different strategies depending on which stage your site is in (Sandbox, Trustworthy, and Authority Stage)

Price: The course requires a one-time fee of $997, which will include updates

Best for: Newbies with no experience in building websites as well as beginners and those who are experienced in SEO

3. Commission Hero

commission hero - affiliate marketing course

If you’re looking for a proven affiliate marketing system with a high ROI, Commission Hero is another excellent resource to consider. Designed by Robby Blanchard, a ClickBank affiliate expert, the course is perfect for those who want a way around the usual blog setup and link-building strategies. The techniques include maximizing paid traffic through Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and YouTube ads.

Commission Hero is perfect for affiliate marketers who prefer Facebook ads promotion and lead generation. The course includes a three-step proprietary system that’s easy for both beginners and intermediate marketers to execute. In fact, the creators guarantee that no prior experience in affiliate marketing is needed. The only consideration is that you will need to invest in Facebook ads and paid ads on other social channels to get the benefits. But the ROI is appealing: their website shows that course takers can typically earn up to $1,000 per day.

Commission Hero course highlights include:

  • Getting the best affiliate products for your target niche
  • ClickFunnels to make ClickBank commissions
  • Strategize Facebook ads and target buyers to earn bigger commissions

Price: $997 as a one-time payment, or two payments of $597

Best for: those with experience and the means to invest in the required tools. 

4. Launch Your Blog Biz

launch your blog biz affiliate marketing course

Launch Your Blog Biz is a course developed by Create and Go, a team of bloggers with successful sites across their self-built marketing sites. The course focuses on building your brand-new online affiliate marketing program in just a month. Essential strategies that are tackled include building an audience, planning for sponsored posts, creating content, and building a value-driven email listing. 

The course program is helpful, especially for beginner affiliate marketers who want an organized plan of attack. The lessons hone in on the most critical tasks associated with online ecommerce affiliate marketing. The course also gives techniques for interacting and fostering relationships with your niche audience. This way, you start strong and can establish an audience within the first month. 

Launch Your Blog Biz has more than 12 modules that cover the following:

  • Setting up your WordPress website
  • Developing a content strategy 
  • Topic generation
  • Keyword research
  • How to engage with your audience
  • Email marketing 
  • Affiliate marketing best practices
  • Pinterest and YouTube
  • Google SEO
  • Podcasts

Cost: Full payment of $297 or two payments ($157 per month)

Best for: newcomers to starting an online business

5. Savage Affiliates

savage affiliates - affiliate marketing course

From the course title itself, this program is a no-nonsense, straightforward program perfect for beginner and intermediate-level affiliate marketers who want to expand their knowledge and skill set. Advanced marketing tools specifically applicable to affiliate marketing are included in the course, along with case studies and weekly videos. 

Savage Affiliates is a complete affiliate marketing online training course—easy to follow, practical, and contains insights from Franklin Hatchett. He is an online coach with years of experience as a successful digital entrepreneur. With Savage Affiliates, he provides a ton of advice to help marketers avoid common pitfalls. The course offers access to a Facebook online community, where Hatchett regularly posts content, replies to questions, or shares custom video tutorials.

Savage Affiliates can help marketers take the guesswork out of these areas:

  • Niche identification
  • Website building and optimization
  • SEO
  • Paid ads and traffic
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing on Amazon and ClickBank

Price: Starts at $197

Best for: beginners and those interested in expanding their affiliate marketing knowledge

6. Amazon Affiliate Marketing+SEO (Udemy)

seo amazon affiliate marketing course

Affiliate marketers who want to specifically focus on Amazon marketing can gain expert-level knowledge from this course. Udemy’s Amazon Affiliate Marketing + SEO program has a 4.5 average rating across thousands of reviews, and over 28,000 course-takers have benefitted from the program.

Udemy’s Amazon Affiliate Marketing+SEO course helps with topics such as:

  • Basic introduction to affiliate marketing
  • Updated affiliate link-building rules
  • How to pick products and promotion strategies for your specific affiliate marketing campaign
  • Traffic-generating content and trends
  • Discuss future directions for affiliate marketers

This course assists Amazon marketers with concerns such as niche identification, link-building, choosing commissions on the platform, and SEO basics and advanced techniques. While there are more resources in other courses, Udemy’s program is easy-to-digest and practical and pinpoints Amazon tactics in its 65 downloadable resources. You’ll also be provided with a certificate once you complete the course.

Cost: Starting price is $109.99

Best for: Beginners and those looking to learn affiliate marketing

7. 1 2 3 Affiliate Marketing Course

1 2 3 affiliate marketing course

One of the best-known industry experts, Pat Flynn, created this course to share his best practices for 11 years. Rather than focusing on a specific affiliate program, Flynn assembles a program that enables marketers to become high earners even without their own brand or products to sell. The topics can help you redirect any inefficiencies in your strategy, let you choose the right products, and maximize social proof among your existing audience. This is a helpful resource for more established marketers who already have an online following.

Flynn provides a comprehensive guide on these topics:

  • How to choose affiliate products that will work in your niche audience
  • How to choose the best social platforms
  • Building links and using them to increase sales
  • How to convince audiences to convert into customers

While any affiliate marketer can take the course, Flynn highly suggests that students be at a more established level than those who are pure beginners. That way, they can apply the methods directly in their affiliate marketing business and see which works.

Price: One-time purchase of $499 

Best for: those who are more DIY-oriented

8. Blog Growth Engine

Blog Growth Engine is a 40-hour program created by Adam Enfroy to help individuals jumpstart their blogging business. It covers affiliate marketing and blog monetization and other essential topics that can help you scale your online blogging business. When joining this program, enrollers benefit from accessing an exclusive student community, weekly Q&As, business spreadsheets and even coaching calls with various blogging experts. 

Here are the topics included in the Blog Growth Engine curriculum:

  • Niche selection
  • Affiliate marketing 
  • Search intent 
  • Keyword monetization
  • Content creation
  • Link-building

From helping you discover your niche and launching your blog to helping scale your blog, master keyword research, and generate affiliate revenue, the Blog Growth Engine course is indeed a comprehensive program. It equips you with the strategies you need for strengthening your affiliate strategies and growing your business. 

Price: One-time purchase of $3,600

Best for: advanced marketers

Choosing the Best Affiliate Marketing Course 

In case you have yet to decide which affiliate marketing course to enroll in, following are a few factors to consider to help you pick the right one. 

The importance of relying on reputable course providers can’t be overstated. Keep an eye out for authentic reviewers who can explain thoroughly why the course is good or otherwise. You would want a course that hundreds, if not thousands of students, have vetted and reviewed. 

Another consideration is your needs and requirements. There are a lot of excellent courses, but if they do not cover what you need for your affiliate marketing strategy, they won’t be of much help to you. When narrowing down your affiliate marketing course options, browse the outline of which topics and content will be covered. You can then pick which course can expand your knowledge, particularly if there are any issues you want to address in your current strategy.

Cost is also an important factor. The affiliate marketing courses included in our list can definitely give you a leg up over your competitors, but there are varied price ranges for each one. Since some courses are more narrow-focused (e.g., Amazon marketing) than others, the enrollment costs will differ significantly. It may also be worth considering getting a course with a refund because it can make things convenient if you find the course to be unsatisfactory. 

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