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How Customized Pop-ups Increase Affiliate Conversions

Last Modified: February 8, 2023

Out of all the marketing tools, online and offline, at the disposal of most advertisers, it is perhaps the pop-up that holds the throne for having the worst reputation of them all. Anyone who has accessed the internet has most likely had some experience, positive or negative, with pop-ups. 

Unfortunately, many consumers today think of pop-ups as a distracting and unwelcome old-school marketing gimmick used by sleazy advertisers. Though, this is primarily thanks to advertisers who have incorrectly used pop-ups on a massive scale during the early days of the internet. However, when used correctly and tastefully, pop-ups are valuable for increasing affiliate conversions in your affiliate marketing program. 

There is a caveat to this statement, though. 

The pop-ups must add real value and appear at precisely the right time during a consumer’s affiliate shopping journey. The pop-ups that serve to aid your target audience in their shopping journey are the most likely to engage and convert your target consumers and maximize your affiliate marketing program revenues.

This article will discuss how brands can improve their affiliate strategy and take their efforts a step further with tailored pop-ups. Most brands may already be familiar with, or are already using, pop-ups and their usefulness in increasing conversions. Still, they may not fully optimize and tailor them to get better affiliate results. 

We’ll discuss this optimization in more detail and dive into the traditional pros and cons of various pop-ups so that brands can make the best decision when choosing the pop-ups that work best for them and their affiliate program. Lastly, we’ll look at two Refersion partners that offer the best pop-up services for brands to utilize in their affiliate marketing program to increase conversions.

How to Fully Maximize the Potential of Tailored Pop-ups

1. Convert Consumers Ready to Abandon with Exit-Intent Pop-ups

Re-engaging online shoppers is a valuable tool in online marketing that delivers real results. Brands can create fully customized and precisely targeted exit-intent pop-ups on their websites to re-engage online shoppers that interacted with their affiliate products via an affiliate link. They can do this effectively by showing them an exit pop-up with a valuable offer and call to action when they show an intent to leave the site. 

Another example to fully utilize the value of exit-intent pop-ups is when online shoppers show an intent to leave their site, brands can offer an exit pop-up that includes a valuable call to action that directs them to their affiliate products. This pop-up customization process can be very granular, depending on a brand’s affiliate audience and platform. Refersion’s robust affiliate marketing platform allows brands to refine their affiliate marketing program by providing the platform and tools needed to fully understand their affiliate target audience and their value. 

Brands can take this a step further by utilizing JustUno’s unique approach to re-engaging abandoning visitors. Their pop-ups offer a reminder feature that allows brands to create reminder pop-ups that target the same shoppers that abandoned their site when they eventually return to their site. These are tailored pop-ups that remind them what they left behind in their shopping carts and can go even as far as displaying an additional affiliate offer that’s relevant to the items in their cart. 

2. Floating Bar Pop-up

Brands often worry about pop-ups affecting the consumer’s user experience with the brand, but this isn’t the case when they are properly implemented. Pop-ups can be a great tool to convert organic and passive traffic into affiliate customers when used correctly. 

A great example of a very user-friendly pop-up is the floating bar pop-up. Advertisers commonly use floating bars to display a discretely displayed pop-up at the top of a web page that doesn’t come in between their consumer and the brand’s online content. The floating bar can be displayed on specific pages or even sitewide, but brands can use it to entice their visitors with affiliate deals and increase affiliate conversions. 

3. Time-Based Pop-ups

Brands can utilize the maximum potential of pop-ups by taking advantage of the real-time data on their audience’s behavior while on their website. One good example of this is introducing time-based pop-ups that only appear after a visitor has been on a specific page for a particular time. 

For example, let’s say a brand sets up their time-based pop-up to show only after a visitor has been on a specific product page longer than five minutes. Then, they will show that visitor a pop-up with a valuable offer and call to action to entice the visitor to buy that particular affiliate product through an affiliate link. 

Brands looking to get more granular with their pop-up’s timing can utilize Omnisend to choose a specific number of pages a consumer must view before the pop-up appears. Brands can even go a step further to limit the pop-up targeting to appear on only specific pages of your online store, such as the checkout page.

Pros and Cons of Pop-ups


  • Cost: Implementing effective pop-ups that convert visitors can usually be done for reasonable and affordable fees.
  • Visibility: Pop-ups are typically hard to miss. Their visibility is what makes them an attractive marketing tool. 
  • Conversions: When implemented correctly, the conversions from pop-ups blow most other marketing tools out of the water.


  • Distracting or annoying: Pop-ups do more harm than good for brands looking to increase their affiliate revenue when implemented incorrectly and without real value. 
  • Pop-up blockers: There’s always the chance that your target audience may be using third-party pop-up blocking software and browser extensions.
  • Spammy: When incorrectly implemented on a massive scale with no strategy, pop-ups can quickly turn into a spam marketing tool with zero value for your audience.

The Bottom Line

Brands running affiliate marketing programs that don’t meet the KPIs and returns they wish can take steps to turn their affiliate marketing program around for the better. One such step is correctly implementing tasteful pop-ups that entice shoppers with calls to action and increase their affiliate revenue. 

Refersion is a great platform to fully understand your affiliate audience and maximize your program’s returns. Our partners, JustUno and Omnisend, offer unique pop-ups that brands can use to increase their affiliate sales and maximize results. 

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