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Amazon + Refersion

For ecommerce brands on Amazon that want to connect with audiences outside of Amazon, drive conversions, and increase ROI – meet Amazon Affiliate Marketing by Refersion. Powered by top performing affiliates, high-converting external traffic, and elevated page rankings, Amazon Affiliate Marketing is the solution to scale your Amazon growth strategy. 

Grow Your Amazon Store with High-Converting Affiliate Traffic

Scale Faster

Pay less for conversions and scale your storefront sales faster. Achieve higher ROI by adding performance-based affiliate marketing to your mix. Get 66% higher ROAS with Refersion than with Amazon Ads alone. 

Connect with Top Affiliates

Build a profitable affiliate partner network with direct affiliate relationships and increased control over promotions. List your products in the Refersion Marketplace and get discovered by top performing affiliates looking to work with Amazon merchants.

Boost Amazon Sales

Elevate your organic page rankings in the Amazon search results with new external traffic from affiliates and watch your product sales increase.

Transparent Transactions

For a clear analysis of your top-performing affiliates, their best-selling products, and how much they sell, Refersion’s Affiliate Performance Insights provides the data transparency to help you optimize your Amazon Affiliate program.

Get Rewarded

Amazon’s Brand Referral Bonus program rewards an average of 10% of sales for generating conversions from outside channels. Leverage your bonus to offer more competitive Amazon affiliate commissions – a win-win for you & affiliates.

Higher Conversion Rates 

By uniting Amazon and affiliate marketing, both brands and affiliates reap the benefits of Amazon’s high checkout conversion rates, 10-15% for Amazon vs. 2% for DTC ecommerce platforms.

How it Works

  • Sync your Amazon storefront catalog with Refersion
  • Choose which products to promote in the Refersion Affiliate Marketplace
  • Get discovered by affiliates
  • Partner directly with top-performing affiliates and publishers 
  • Track conversions, manage promotions, and pay affiliates through Refersion 

Getting started with Refersion is easy

Setup your own account or schedule a call with our team. We’ll get you up and running in no-time.